10 Japanese Hip Hop Styles That Are Calling The Fashion Storm – 2023 Guide

The sunny days of September are warmer and more comfortable than other months, which is why a lot of men who want to be handsome put on lighter and simpler autumn clothes while playing with various styles. This article will show you how you can match those different styles, so, let’s take a look:

1. Sports Style

A lot of men like sports such as running, playing basketball, or fitness, which is why they choose to combine different sports styles. Additionally, they like it because it is simple to wear and they do not need to pay a lot of attention to details when they are matching clothes. Simple said, it can emphasize their youthfulness.

This particular pair of running shoes can satisfy various sports styles. Since it features a segmented outsole and stable support of the TPU in the middle, it is quite flexible, which means that you can bend your foot in whatever way you want. Additionally, it will improve the stability of the upper parts of your legs. It also features an innovative ribbon which allows you to be trendy.

The appearance of this pair of sneakers is incredibly fashionable. The texture and the print on the sides are combined with lines that are retro-nostalgic and stylish, hence, it allows you to be sporty and trendy at the same time. Additionally, the laces feature a “lock” which means that it will keep your feet stable, as well as your legs.

2. Casual Style

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One of the most common styles to match is casual and simple. And since it is autumn, you’ll have a wide range of things that you can combine. For example, a simple cardigan can be worn whenever you want. Also, the classic items such as sweaters and shirts can be matched with various street fashion trends seen at Kokoakeiko, hence, making your outfit completely unique.
The design of this sweater is full of casual features. Manufactured from high-quality materials, the inner lining is soft and comfortable, which means that it is skin-friendly and breathable. Since the color matches the embellishment, it will add more style to your outfit.

3. The Simple Style

A simple outfit highlights your temperament, without any exaggeration, which means that you could wear it during different situations such as traveling. Do not forget to combine it with those small details such as turning up your trousers, coloring the outfit with some colorful socks, and complete the outfit with a peaked cap. This particular mix is perfect for all casual situations.

4. T-Shirt + a Plaid Shirt + A Corduroy Jacket + Cotton Linen Pants

The Japanese style is actually completely natural and concise. And, if you choose to match a t-shirt, a plaid shirt, a corduroy jacket, and cotton-linen pants, you won’t seem dull or stereotyped, instead, you’ll be perceived as handsome and fashionable. You’ll look natural and simple, yet, you won’t lose the exquisiteness. It is a daily outfit for many boys, and you’ll want to combine the colors well.

5. Sweatshirt + Harem Pants

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If you are looking for a bright outfit, you should first think about the colors you want to wear. A sweater combined with harem pants will allow you to match the colors you want perfectly. It will basically showcase the perfect sense of Japanese elegance. This particular style will make you say “goodbye” to traditional, simple, and low-key clothes.

6. T-Shirt + Coat + Overalls

A combination of a t-shirt, jacket, and overalls does not only provide a natural feeling, but it can also add a touch of fun in your everyday clothes. The delicate details are the key to having a Japanese style, it is easy to combine, and to wear. You’ll be able to turn into a Japanese male protagonist in a matter of seconds, hence, you might just feel cool all the time. Additionally, this particular overall shape will provide you with a wonderful balance.

7. Shirt + Striped Sweater + Woolen Pants

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This outfit looks refreshing and clean, and it will allow you to instantly become a trendy person. The entire combination won’t give people the impression that you are vulgar or exaggerating, and it will most certainly maintain the original, simple aspects that you might be looking for. With it, you’ll show your comfortable side, style, and you’ll definitely attract a lot of attention. When you look at it, you might realize that it is perfect with leather shoes.

8. Shirt + A Knitted Vest + Cigarette Pants

If you take a look at the Japanese style, you might realize that it is actually quite an appealing style. This particular combination is simple and it does not look as rustic as some other options. It also looks high-fashion, neat, comfortable, as well as satisfying to wear. This is one of the most common Japanese styles for men, hence, you might want to try to recreate it.

9. Shirt + a Denim Vest + a Mid-Length Coat + Jeans

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If you are looking for a traditional Japanese skinny-tight look, this combination might be suitable for you. Not only will the layered outfit highlight your clothes, but, it will completely show your sense of fashion. The shapes are quite casual and attention-grabbing, complete with a modern sense since it looks like one, single product. If you want to add a little bit of flair to your look, you can add a denim vest.

The most common combination of colors is black, white, and gray, mostly because it is easy to combine with other things. As long as you master combining colors, you’ll be able to wear black, white, and gray clothes without any problems. Firstly, look at the color ration in your outfit and find something that can add a few bright colors to your look such as prints, embroidery, hats, bags, and so on.

Next, you’ll want to master different profiles since the entire look will depend on it. If you tend to exaggerate a little bit, it will make you more creative and artistic. Lastly, you’ll want to pay attention to the materials you choose, since you’ll notice that simpler clothes have better quality. The needs for quality and texture are quite high, hence, ensure that use different materials in order to interpret black, white, and gray properly.

The upper clothes is a gray Chinese tunic that looks like a jacket, one that integrates the Chinese look and style into the clothes combination, which means that it’ll add a feeling of being low-key and mysterious. The black half-high collar with long sleeves, combined with English embroidery is delicate and exquisite, and it will most certainly emphasize your outfit. For the bottom part, black sports trousers might be the most suitable option.

You can choose to wear classic, high-top canvas show either in black, white, or gray. You should remember – black should be mostly used in such a combination, while gray and white should be supplemented to your clothes. If you opt for wearing brighter colors for your backpack, jewelry, or watch, you might seem luxurious and elegant to other people.

The upper part of the outfit will no longer look dull and padded, instead, it will provide you with a mesmerizing contrast that might turn some heads. The “3D” pockets are not only convenient and spacious but, they’ll also allow you to “hide” your cotton clothes. Since they are side-stitched, it will make the overall visual appeal of cotton more refreshing. The bright color of the cap, the print on the back of it, and the bold design will perfectly show your personality and youthfulness.

The lower part highlights simple, loose-fitting sweatpants that will allow you to have more texture, however, it is also easy to wear and it will keep you warm. The fluorescent colors will improve the entire feel of the outfit and it’ll also allow you to be more modern and fashionable than with other options.

The upper body is an elk, printer, vintage cotton jersey, the bamboo denim is washed, the back features a print, and the detailed design features a lot of bright colors. The customized buttons will make you cool and it won’t make you look chubby as other cotton clothes might during winter.

The bottom is combined with a pair of an army, green, loose, work, casual pants, and they are quite stylish, simple, and lively, all of which make it perfect for winter. The outfit is completed with a white pair of skater sneakers, which perfectly ties the entire look together.

The upper items are versatile and made from cotton, and it might resemble military-style workwear. The stand-up collar and the loop show individuality and style and the design of the to, large three-dimensional pockets go well with the entire long, flap design. The lid is decorated with webbing and the pockets are decorated with prints and rubber labels. There are also pockets on the two sleeves.

The rest of the outfit is completed with a pair of light, blue, trendy, and retro Japanese jeans. The loose and versatile fit will make you look thin and tall, and they mostly come in darker colors. But, you can choose light-colored jeans if you want to make your outfit more lively and youthful.

10. Shirt + Wide Pants

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If you take a look at Japanese fashion, you’ll see that wide pants are a must. They’ll feel casual and natural, which is exactly what a lot of people are going for. Additionally, since the pants are loose, it will be more comfortable for you to wear it. Also, loose pants will provide you with an airy feeling, which is not the case with other types of pants.


As you were able to read, there is a wide range of Japanese wear, and the most important thing that you should remember is to choose an outfit that suits your needs. Personally, I recommend these types of simple ways of dressing, which is not only easy to style but, they’ll perfectly show your charm as well.