4 Signs Your Approach to Hiring Is All Wrong

The hiring process of a business organization dictates the type of employees that will be inculcated in the business. Provided that your hiring approach is excellent, you will attract top-of-the-line cream professionals that are multi-faceted and excellent in everything you do.

On the other hand, hiring using an ineffective and fundamentally wrong approach can instead land you with incompetent employees that nor have skills nor the correct attitude. According to Staff Glass, one of the leading hiring and employee management software out there, this is a much more common phenomenon than you’d think.

In fact, there is a big chance that you may be using a hiring approach for obtaining new employees and assets for your company. But how exactly does one know when their hiring approach is fundamentally all wrong?

In this article, we will combat that very question by listing several signs that tell you if a hiring approach is correct for your team or not. Read the article till the end so that you don’t miss out on crucial details.

You are looking for passive job seekers instead of active ones

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One of the most common problems that most recruiters involuntarily do is recruit employees that are passive job seekers rather than active ones. These passive job seekers are individuals that aren’t looking for a job, but are approached by a company’s recruiting team and are immediately picked up once their skills are ascertained.

This is done to ensure that the company has many applicants and recruits to choose from as possible. A company thus searches for passive job seekers instead of focusing on the efforts of active job seekers that are actively looking for a company. There is also the stigma that active job seekers are active because they don’t have the necessary skills that are required to excel in their job position.

This couldn’t be further from the truth as research shows that active job seekers have just as much working potential and skill level as passive job seekers. In fact, they are more motivated than their passive counterparts which makes them a valuable asset for the company. Ignoring these assets and going for passive individuals that claim they have better skills can hamper a company’s effectiveness.

You are looking for quantity rather than quality

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If you are looking to have a company work at maximum efficiency with the full productivity of their employees, you need to ensure that you search for quality rather than quantity. Most of the companies nowadays have settled down to accepting as many individuals as possible before even checking them, or their skills for quality.

In case their decision proves wrong later, these recruiters fire the same employees that were accepted by the same company over a few days ago. Instead of doing this, recruiters can integrate a quality check process in the interview process itself.

After they are shortlisted based on their skills and education, a business should have a quality check process before the interview that tests these individuals and their skill levels. Preferring quantity over quality won’t get your company anywhere and will only lead to unnecessary recruitment of individuals that don’t care about your company in the least.

Your hiring decision should completely be based on quality rather than quantity to ensure that you get the best employees for your company. The more you know about an individual’s talent and preferences, the better you can evaluate him as an asset to your company and your own business employee.

Your new employees have a bad attitude

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Another clear sign that your hiring approach is wrong is when you have employees that have an extremely bad attitude towards their colleagues and towards their senior officers, including you. The last thing you want in your company is a sour individual that complains about the smallest of things in your company, keeps demanding for a better wage every day, and is rude to others.

You can avoid individuals like these in the first place if you exhibit the attitude and values you want in your company’s workers while recruiting. It is your job as a recruiter that you recruit individuals that have an humble attitude, are hard-working, and are friendly with others.

However, if you are constantly getting employees that all have bad habits and attitude in them despite going through your recruitment process, maybe it is your hiring approach and recruitment process that is at fault and not them. The simplest solution to this is revolutionizing the hiring approach you have in your company.

You also need to ensure that you exemplify those in your company that have the perfect attitude and work ethics so that your employees know who to look after.

You are asking the wrong interview questions

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Another simple sign that you are still using the wrong hiring approach is when you realize that you have been asking the wrong interview questions all this time while recruiting for your business. As a recruiter for your company, you need to ensure that you ask questions that actually make an impact on deciding whether someone is a perfect role for your job opportunity or not.

Asking the wrong set of questions can not only confuse your potential candidates but also make the interview more awkward and uncomfortable. It also leads to a severe lack of information about the employees themselves. Even if you have a pet question that you cherish and are quite fond of, if it doesn’t incite any insight from the interviewee, don’t ask it.

Ask questions that actually make an impact. Not questions that are hypothetical in nature and attract mostly elaborate liars in the interviews. Ask the right questions that are genuine in nature and personalized according to each person and you will soon notice which candidates are skilled and which aren’t.

This should help you gain better traction in your interview and make the genuine interviewees stand out against the rest of the crowd, thereby telling you the perfect choice for your company.


There are several signs that your approach to hiring is all wrong. We hope this article was insightful for you and if it was, please consider following our website for regular updates as it will help us out immensely.