5 Best Tips For The Easiest Moving To A New Flat – 2023 Guide

People relocate and change homes all the time – It’s nothing new. Some find enjoyment in it, while others don’t. But moving can be very difficult and incredibly stressful for any person. That’s because there are a lot of details that you need to pay attention to so that everything goes according to plan.

But we’ve had experience in moving, so that’s why we’ve written this article to give you the best tips for the easiest moving to a new flat. Stick around as we’re going to cover things that you will thank us later for.

Moving Boxes

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When it comes to relocating, the costs can come straight out of nowhere. One very important thing that you need to pay attention to, are moving boxes. Moving boxes are a necessity, but there is a way that you can acquire them without paying for them. Since you will need a lot of boxes so that you can store clothes, antiques, items, etc, you can imagine the costs of having to buy 100 of them. A perfectly good place to find moving boxes for free is to visit local clothing and grocery stores, and even the Craigslist free section.

You will do these stores a favor if you take the boxes from them.

Packing Clothes

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It can be very frustrating having to take your clothes from hangers, fold them, unfold them, and place them back on the hangers when the move is done. One way to completely skip this part is to zip tie all the hangers together and wrap the clothes into plastic wrap. This way they will be secure, take fewer boxes, less space, and still be good to go when the move is finished.

Color-Code Your Items

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We tend to get lost with all the boxes as soon as the move finishes. It can be very difficult maintaining organization when there are dozens if not hundreds of boxes waiting to be unpacked inside your living room. Furthermore, it’s not easy to remember which box was filled with what, so one way you can make life easier for you is to create a color-coding system, says Expo Movers.

Color-coding allows you to easily organize your boxes, by choosing a different color for a different room. For example, label all the kitchen boxes with blue, the living room boxes with red, and the master bedroom with green. Choose more colors if you have more rooms, and instantly unload each box to the pre-designated room.

Packing Plates

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One of the biggest disasters when it comes to moving is ending up with broken dishes. A mistake that many people do is horizontally packing plates. Avoid this and instead, pack the plates vertically and follow them up by covering them in bubble wrap. By placing your plates vertically, like records, you are lowering the chance of breaking them while in transit. On the other hand, a simple pothole can break your plates if they are placed horizontally.

Mirrors and Pictures

Yet another moving disaster is ending up with broken mirrors or picture frames. As a matter of fact, it’s more difficult to keep your mirrors intact then your plates. To safely transfer them from one place to another, pack each mirror or picture separately. Wrap them the same as you would wrap a present and cover them with bubble wrap. Then, place them in yet another box and fill in the empty space with crumpled paper.