5 Pros And Cons Of Buying Children’s Clothes Online

As our kids grow it becomes harder to accommodate their needs. This goes double for clothes. Although there are plentiful choices for very young kids, some kids that are starting their elementary school may find themselves unequipped. This can be due to their size not fitting the available clothes in shops or due to a low amount of available shops. Those issues can leave us under a lot of stress about providing our kids with proper clothing for the year. Thankfully, online shopping exists and its benefits can help us in this department. Keep in mind that online shopping for kid’s clothes has both positive and negative aspects, some of which we’ll cover in the article below to provide you more information before an online shopping spree.

Pros of online purchasing

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1. Extreme amount of choice

When a shop is established online the owner doesn’t have to worry about purchasing or renting space for it. On the other hand, sales increase as people in every area the online shop covers can now purchase from it. This is why you see so many child clothes chains and even small shops that provide online purchasing options. What this means for us is that we get a lot more options when picking out the perfect pieces for our kid. The different types of shops mean that the stylistic options on offer are increased as well, making sure every kid will find something that’s to their liking. The shops may also offer family matching items. If you visit Kiskissing.com you can easily find a whole section that will help your family match in attire.

2. No parking struggle

Finding a parking spot, especially on a busy day, can be almost impossible. Even the huge parking areas in front of malls are quickly filled as hundreds of other people come to the shops. This can consume a whole lot of our precious time. It also reduces the time we have available to actually look around and shop. Online shops remove the need for parking or any transportation at all. Any shop you wish to check out is easily accessible through your computer or phone. The best part of this is that you needn’t spend hours upon hours checking shops with your kids. You can scroll through for any amount of time at once and reopen the sites whenever it feels convenient for you and your kid to check out some of the offered articles.

3. Quick access to reviews

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Usually, we build our knowledge of local shops through experience. It can take a few purchases before we notice certain issues cropping up. Not only is it a waste of money, but it’s also a waste of both your and your kid’s time. When it comes to online shops it’s easy to check the ups and downs of certain shops by addressing customer reviews. These are available online and can be found on many different sites. They should give you enough information on shops without requiring you to personally experience the issues the shop may possess.

4. Payment options

Although nowadays there’s rarely a shop that will reject credit card payments or other alternatives, it can still happen. While online shops have their own quirks, sending more authorization requests before allowing you to utilize different purchasing methods, they have a wide selection of purchasing options. Not only can credit and debit cards be used, online payment options are also eligible. Services such as PayPal can be used to pay for your kid’s clothing as well, making it a more versatile option if you are somebody who doesn’t use cash as much.

5. Discounts and notifications

The most active time of the month in any shop is during discounts. Often, we end up unable to even use those if we are a bit late. This goes double if your kid has obligations that don’t match up with your schedule. Thankfully, online shops not only allow us to get on those sales faster but also notify us of such happenings. Notifications are usually turned on by default but sometimes need to be turned on in the settings of your account so make sure it’s properly configured.

Cons of online purchasing

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1. Your kid can’t try out clothes

While it is the most obnoxious part of the trip to the shop, trying out clothes is very important for the sake of knowing whether it suits our kid or not. When buying online that’s impossible and can lead to odd sizing not fitting our kid. While some shops offer proper returns that are easy to achieve, others may cause issues in this department leaving you with clothes that don’t fit your kid.

2. You have to wait for customer service

In shops, it’s usually very easy to find assistance. However, when shopping online this option turns into contacting customer support or other forms of available contact. The issue doesn’t become too severe until we find ourselves having a lot of clothes to ask about. This issue can be additionally troublesome the first time around as stores may have a specific approach to kid sizes without offering proper information on their unique sizing.

3. Waiting for delivery

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Whenever we order something online we get a certain estimate of when it will be delivered. The same goes for clothes and while the estimates are usually correct, there are cases where it’ll take way longer. The lateness of delivery can easily stress us out as the assumption of items being lost in transit is very possible. It can also be very inconvenient if we are trying to purchase clothes for our kid’s birthday or as a gift for the family.

4. Shipping costs

Unfortunately gas isn’t free. The online shops usually have to pay for courier services or fund their own, resulting in added expenses for the business which in turn increases your cost. The shipping costs can sometimes turn us away from a shop, as they can exceed the cost of our purchase or simply seem excessive. Thankfully, a number of shops offer free shipping especially if a certain amount of spending has been achieved so this con gets somewhat neutered.

5. Risk of fraud

While rare, online shops may be fraudulent. The items we see and the items we receive may be entirely different. The children’s clothes shops are no exception. The possibility of exploiting less tech-savvy and wary parents is an attractive way of doing business for some locations, resulting in dissatisfying purchases. To avoid this we suggest consulting available reviews to confirm the legitimacy and quality of items on offer.