5 Tips and Tricks to Make your First Stag Party Legendary

Everyone loves stag parties and can’t wait to organize it or go to one. Stag party, also known as a bachelor party in the United States, buck’s night in Australia and other names around the globe is a party, weekend, or even a whole week that is organized to celebrate the last days before a man gets married. Only men are invited to stag parties, of course, waitresses, strippers and the like can be present.

A stag party is organized by the groom’s friends, brothers, cousins, as well as by the groom himself, and there are also specialized bachelor party planning companies that can help or organize everything for you. The first stag parties were held in the 19th century, they looked completely different than the stag parties today, but it is certainly an old tradition. Today you can organize whatever you want during a stag party, but it is the huge amount of options that are offered that can confuse you and you do not know what to choose. So we will help you and give you tips and tricks to make your first stag party legendary. Because it is something you will remember for the rest of your lives and that is why it should be fantastic.

1. Think about what the future groom would like

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If you are the one organizing a stag party for your best friend, brother, or someone else, first think about what he would like. Everyone has their own specific interest and you should include that if possible. If someone has an unusual hobby, it may not be possible to organize it during a stag party, but if it is possible then you have to make sure to include it. Don’t organize a party according to what you want and what your interests are, because it’s his big day, not yours.

So if he likes a certain drink, sports activity, or anything else, do your best to include that activity. Also, adapt it to everyone who will attend the party, so that it would not be something too physically demanding, for example, which can ruin the night for many. Keep in mind the groom first, and then all the other guests.

2. Be creative

Make sure that at least part of the stag party is unusual and not that everything is like from a Hollywood movie. It is not a bad idea at all for everyone to leave their comfort zone and face some challenges that will give you all an adrenaline rush, such as skydiving or something similar. Of course, don’t let it be something too dangerous or something more than half of the guests won’t want to do because they are scared. If you are organizing a parachute jump, for example, make sure that someone, especially the groom, is not afraid of heights or flying a plane.

You need to make sure that you do not have to cancel the activity later. But if everyone is in the mood to leave their comfort zone, then be creative and organize something to talk about in the coming years as well as the most interesting thing you have done together. There are so many adrenaline-rush activities available today, such as bungee jumping, rafting, and so on, that it will not be difficult for you to organize something like that.

3. Make sure not to omit something essential for a stag party

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We told you that you need to be creative and design some activities that are not cliché. But there is also a lot that is indispensable for any stag party and although it may seem like a cliché, it is a must. Although the future bride is never happy when strippers appear during the party, it is an indispensable thing for men that will always be the central attraction during the party.

So contract strippers and they will warm the atmosphere to the maximum. You can see how the hot strippers look at www.hotpartystripper.com and if you are hesitant, after seeing them it will be clear to you that you need to hire a few of them. They are very professional and the bride doesn’t even have to find out that they were there, after all. Also, consider hiring topless waitresses and the like that will make every man happy. This does not mean that the future groom will cheat on the bride, but it is something traditional for a stag party.

4. Safety must come first

Although the most important thing for all of us is that it is an unforgettable event, safety must come first. Everyone will be present in adult men and that is why they should think about their own safety. But we know that at every party it happens that someone drinks too much or does some similar stupid thing, and at a stag party people are even more prone to such behavior. That is why you should first agree that no one will do something that could endanger their own or someone else’s safety. It is also up to you to think during the organization that everyone will probably be drunk and to organize activities that are safe. And if you organize some adrenaline-rush activity, then everyone must be sober and you should insist on it. You don’t want such a beautiful event to turn into a disaster.

5. Food and drink

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It often happens that there is not enough food and drink because everything is not planned in advance, which can ruin the event. So make sure you know the exact number of people who will be present and also whether it will all last just one night or the whole weekend. You need to buy enough food and drinks, but you don’t need too much either because you’ll end up throwing away half. Calculate approximately how much it takes for each, buy a little more than that and everything will be perfect.


Follow these basic guidelines and you will be sure that the stag party will be a thing to remember both for the groom and for everyone else.