6 Amazing Fashion Tips for Petite Women to Live By

In a world filled with superficial beauty standards, keeping up has become harder for every woman. Among women of every size, petite women also often feel if they are following the fashion league the right way and if these choices settle with their body type.

When you know what kind of dress compliments you in the best way, you can bring out the good in your wardrobe for any occasion. Remember that anyone can diminish the complexity of fashion when you understand the basics of it.

Here are some fashion tips for petite women to live by!

1. Match Your Pants and Footwear

Starting with footwear can seem a bit weird, but it is not about where you start. What matters is the impact that it can have on your overall appearance. Many short women are also concerned about their height. The right footwear can make a great impact.

Matching your shoes and pants can seem like a very small detail, but it can create a significant difference in your overall apparel. A color match between the two can make petite women look taller. You can make the best of these details by using pointed-toe shoes.

Source: blufashion.com

2. Know Your Body

Women of every size are shaped differently, including the petite women. Of course, your height and proportions can have an impact on the things you buy. However, the choices that you make can help you compliment your figure better.

You can get to know your body better by measuring your bust, waist, hip, and inseam. These details can help you ensure that you find the right size for your body in every different type of fabric by looking at the varying brand size charts.

3. Shop in Petite Section

Everybody is beautiful in their own way. A single fashion sense cannot suit every person’s style and needs. Thankfully, the need for different fashion trends for different body types is becoming more and more recognized every day. Just like plus-size attire sections, you can also look into womens petite clothing.

These clothing sections are dedicated to meeting the fashion needs of petite women with different bodies and sizes. While they are a safe option in terms of length and other measurements, knowing your ideal measurements can save you a lot of time and money.

Source: cnn.com

4. Accessorize Correctly

Accessories can be a game changer for any woman, and I believe that heels are not the only accessory that can complement your body type. However, as mentioned earlier, matching your footwear with your bottoms can always be a great idea for petite women.

Another great addition to your accessory section can be a belt. This addition can be used to belt the dress on your natural waistline and can make your legs look longer by taking the focus off of your torso. This way, every dress you wear can complement your height.

In addition, when it comes to bags, it is time to send anything chunky to retirement. Big purses on a small stature can look overdone and can undermine your personality. It is always the best approach to choose small and dainty pieces to match your personality.

5. Avoid Buttoning Up

Some ideas are not suitable for petite women at all. Buttoning up your jackets and coats is one such idea. No matter what outcome you are trying to achieve with that style, as a petite woman, it is time to leave that thought behind.

Buttoning up your upperwear can section your body and make you look shorter. On the contrary, letting the jacket or any other upper wear open can be a great way to create an uninterrupted vertical view from your head to toe, making you look longer.

It is better to avoid clothing made with a button-up point of view. It is better to prioritize items that can work well with belts. A softly tied belt across your waistline can make you look longer, and your figure will also be complemented in the process.

Source: walmart.com

6. Create a Balance

The trend of oversized clothing has been here for a while. Looking at the comfort and coziness it provides people, it is fair to say that it is not leaving any time soon. Many petite people have a hard time following this trend because they feel they lose clothing that overwhelms their personality, but the truth is that making the right choices can help you become a part of this convention.

You can surely wear loose clothing but only if you do it the right way. It is all about pairing it right. For example, if you are wearing a loose hoodie, you may want to add skinny jeans or leggings with it to create a perfect balance. It is the best way for you to show your figure and become a part of the cozy trend as well.