6 Cool Accessories And Gadgets all Anime Fans Will Love

Birthdays and holidays always bring with them the constant stress of buying the perfect gift. Most of the time is very hard to find a present that is cute, functional, or neat. When buying gifts for anime fans, the process is made a bit easier. We can often learn a lot about their tastes from their favorite shows and mangas, helping us pick out the perfect trinket for their birthday.

After all, it is very satisfying to see people extremely excited about something we’ve given them. To help you pick out something that will be both useful and memorable while reflecting your friend’s personality, we’ve compiled a perfect list of items.

1. Anime masks

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The recent pandemic has been a rather difficult time for many people and has caused changes in our lives. However, while the situation is very exhausting it’s helpful to use the opportunity to showcase some flair while giving a nice gift to our friends that’ll keep them protected. The best pandemic-related gift is a simple protective mask with anime print.

A lot of popular anime have these types of items as part of their merch so it shouldn’t be hard to find one for your friends. Be it more popular shows like My Hero Academia, Jujutsu Kaisen, or something less popular you should be able to easily find the corresponding print for these masks.

2. Mascot or character plushies

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As far as cute gifts go, there are very few that can match a plush toy in its cuteness. These gifts are in fashion no matter the person’s age, being purchased for kids, high schoolers, students, or even older people. Anime usually have a mascot or a cute animal in them that ends up being a perfect choice for plush toy merchandising. In that same vein, they are very good gifts. They have the benefit of being recognizable while also being very cute even to those who do not know the show.

You can check out available online shops to find these sweet gifts or check Etsy if the official selling sites do not have the items in stock or if the plush toys of our desired anime characters aren’t being made yet. Older shows have staples such as Kon from Bleach, Happy from Fairy Tail, and Pikachu from Pokemon but newer shows and manga are quickly getting their little critters turned into plushies so keep an eye out for those. If you aren’t sure about the specific shows they like a huge Snorlax plushie, that may as well be a bean bag chair, is always a good pick.

3. Jewelry based on the show

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Trinkets are a consistently fun gift for anybody and jewelry is the best type of trinket to purchase. Whether you are shopping for men’s or women’s gift, there’s plenty of items to pick out from and most of them very iconic to their respective franchises.

Heirlooms are a frequent plot point in anime so finding jewelry based on them is easy but even easier to find are emblems from our favorite shows. Some of the most popular examples would be the Scout Corps symbol from Attack On Titan and Straw Hat Pirate’s Jolly Roger from One Piece. Both being present on a wide variety of items from necklaces to earrings.

Of course, a lot of other shows have recognizable emblems and sigils, making the gift search that much easier if we know our friends are into accessorizing. A lot of these items are unisex in design too, making them universally fashionable. Even if you have a male friend who rarely wears jewelry something like bracelets or rings could be great anime gifts for him, you could also check asianacircus for gifts that fit those friends that do not accessorize much.

4. Anime-themed bookmarks

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We’ve all been in a position where we get distracted while reading a book or a new manga volume and leave them on the side while we finish the job at hand. An issue with that is losing track of our current page in the book while the usual page labeling habits, like bending the edge of the page or putting it face down on a desk can damage the book. This is why it’s always nice to have a bookmark on hand. Anime bookmarks make for great gifts to those friends that we know are heavy readers and spend a lot of time indulging in written works.

Although they perform no better than ordinary bookmarks the additional flair does make them a nice addition to both collection of trinkets and merch for our friends and a functional gift to give them. Manufacturers of these bookmarks can get very creative with source material too, giving a very neat twist to the usual bookmark by referencing scenes from the show. An example of this would be Colossal Titan bookmarks where the titular character looks like he’s peeking over the book, just how he peeks over the wall in the famous anime scene.

5. Author’s artbooks

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The art in mangas is often impressive and extremely engaging, which is why it results in so many of us indulging in these books. However, artists that work on these books do not draw their designs from memory nor are the current designs necessarily similar to the initial idea. Artbooks provide a nice amount of insight into the process behind the art of the manga while also giving a lot of additional trivia through the author’s notes.

While some titles do not have artbooks out it should be decently easy to find ones for more popular shows and books. These gifts are exceptionally neat for those friends who aspire to become artists in any industry, as they offer information on the creative process on big projects.

6. Anime-themed mugs

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While it could be considered sort of cliche as a gift, a mug is one of the best and most often used pieces of merch we can get. It can be used for a huge number of drinks and some foods, usually consumed while enjoying an episode of our favorite show. Couple that with a comfortable blanket and you’ve got a great relaxing experience. Speaking of, you could opt to include anime-themed blankets into the mix as well. Gifting your friend with a similarly themed mug and blanket is bound to give them a desire to indulge in some comfortable time.

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