6 Ways To Earn Money While Traveling Abroad In 2024

Traveling is one of the most fulfilling things a person can do. Not only can they escape their hometown, but they can also learn about new cultures and traditions. As people go abroad, it’ll only be wise to continue earning enough money to satisfy their daily needs such as rent, food, bills, and other things they need to survive.

Earning While Traveling

When you travel abroad, you can’t expect to bring your office work with you as some tasks can only be accomplished when you’re at your workplace. Moreover, if you find happiness in traveling abroad, you may need to look for ways to earn wherever you are.

Listed below are the ways on how you can earn money while traveling abroad:

1. Look For Summer Jobs

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If you’re traveling abroad for summer, you might want to consider looking for jobs available in the area. In this way, you can continue to have fun while also earning enough for your entire stay. Plus, you don’t have to worry about any contracts as you’ll only be working for the whole summer when tourists are usually flooding in.

Most summer jobs are available for young people finding work during their off-school periods. However, if the company you’re applying for allows international travelers as their workers, you might want to give it a try. For more details check Ace Working Holidays, and you’ll be able to see any vacancies available for you.

2. Be A Freelance Writer

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If you enjoy writing and you’re good at it, you may want to take your skills to your advantage by being a freelance writer.

A freelance writer is someone who writes articles for other publications. A publication company can pay someone based on the number of words, requirements, and niche topics. The more specific and technical a subject is, the higher the pay.

If you have experience with writing on any platform, you may want to give freelancing a try. You can choose to write for any specific niche you’re most comfortable with. In this way, you can ensure you absolutely know what you’re writing about and enjoy typing every text about it. Being a freelance writer will only require you to have a laptop and an internet connection.

To apply, try to write articles as a sample you can show to your potential clients. Ideally, you should have at least three to five pieces with varying styles and topics, so a publisher can see your strengths.

3. Try Graphic Designing

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Today, more people are looking for digital artists who can create graphics people can see on their phones, screens, and other platforms. Since technology has been consistently evolving, the use of hand-made art posters is getting less and less common. You may want to try being a freelance graphic designer wherein you create digital art for your clients, depending on their requirements. You could create a poster, social media ad, web page, logo, and more.

Moreover, being a graphic designer will require skills you can easily develop as you move forward with your career path. You can learn designing skills by enrolling in online courses for an affordable price. It’ll be a skill you can bring with you everywhere you go as long as you have internet, laptop, and sketching tools.

4. Get A Working Holiday Visa

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If you’d like to travel during the holidays but you still like to earn money, you may want to get a working holiday visa to legally work abroad for a limited period.

With a working holiday visa, you can enjoy traveling and working abroad, especially for those people aged 30 to 35. This program can help travelers, students, and backpackers earn money while learning new cultures and exploring various places where they can find happiness.

Most holiday work available is usually low-wage office jobs. But don’t worry because the pay is enough for you to live off and save extra for your travel needs.

5. Apply On Cruise Ships

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One way you can travel while you work is by applying to cruise ships. However, not everyone may be fond of this idea since you’ll be staying on the water for a long period, which can cause fear for someone afraid of the sea. But if you’re a person who doesn’t mind being in the middle of the ocean, this job is perfect for you.

Applying for work on a cruise ship may be challenging, especially since plenty of people want to get the same job as you. Apart from learning how to swim, you also need to have the best skills to accommodate guests.

When applying for a cruise job, you can work in medics, food and beverage, retail, entertainment, casino, spa, housekeeping, and more. Ensure you’re applying for a role you’re comfortable and expert at doing so. In this way, you can truly enjoy working and traveling at the same time.

6. Start A Travel Vlog

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As you travel, it’d be great if you could share your experiences with the world. Luckily, with the world today, vlogging allows you to do that while also earning a few bucks. All you need to do is to constantly record your travels, do some video editing, and upload it to a site for everyone to see.

When posting, ensure you keep confidentiality by not exposing the hotel room you’re staying at, along with other specifics, especially if you’re still in the area.

With a travel vlog, you can fully enjoy roaming around the world while earning money. If you get lucky, there might be some company that’d like to sponsor your trip, so you could create a special video for them.


Traveling abroad is a great way to learn new experiences and traditions. Along with this, it’d be great if you’d continue to earn while you’re on the road. In this way, you can travel without worrying about the money in your pockets.

There’s plenty of work you could apply for while you travel such as freelance work, summer jobs, holiday work, travel vlog, cruise ships, and more. Just look for the skill you’re comfortable doing and apply for those before leaving, so you’d have money while on vacation.