7 Simple Ways to Tighten Up Written Business Communications

Business writing plays a critical role in communicating professionally and building your brand. The goal of improving your writing is to represent your professionalism and brand as accurately as you can. Today’s business world is driven by information. And regardless of whether you communicate via messenger, email, blog, or presentation, you need to have good writing skills. Now that you are reading this article, it’s highly likely that you want to develop or improve your business writing skills. Here are few tips that you can use to get started!

1. Figure out what you want to say

Before you write anything, you need to think of the reasons why you want to write and your target audience. If you are communicating via text message, you are likely communicating with your colleague or partner. Your writing style should change based on the purpose of your message. If you are sending a product review post or an email campaign, your ultimate goal is to sell your products to receptive readers. Think of the message you want to pass and frame it in a way that serves the needs of your readers. Writing with a clear purpose in mind greatly increases your chances of success.

2. Focus on your grammar

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Spelling and grammatical errors will ruin your reputation since they’ll make you look sloppy. Sending a message with these errors makes you look like you don’t care how your receivers think of you. And you aren’t paying attention to how you communicate. This might not be the case because you are taking your time to read this article. Working on your grammar will ensure that it doesn’t look like that. Work on your grammar to ensure that your language is clear and polished. In case you need help, you should contact experienced essay writers to ensure that you avoid making costly mistakes. Visiting dissertation-service.org will help learn how to write correctly, practice, and correct grammar.

3. Practice makes perfect

Like any life skill, practice makes perfect. The more you write, the better you’ll be Practice different forms of communication and letter types to improve your communication skills. Business writing cannot improve by itself. Remember, anything worthwhile takes a lot of time. Writing well is difficult and it requires training and persistence to get ahead.

4. Proofread and revise

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You should never send chunks of text without checking them. You can easily make mistakes while writing and fail to notice them until after you’ve sent them. Before sending your messages, ensure that nothing requires to be edited. If you hate proofreading or don’t have time to do it, you should use online proofreading tools or hire an experienced writer to do the work for you.

5. Simplify everything

You should not write to flaunt your vocabulary and seek to impress your readers. They’ll be impressed if you’ll get to the point without wasting time. One of the best ways to do this is, to sum up, the most important points in the first sentence. You should use other sentences to elaborate on the first sentence if needed. You should always keep your vocabulary as short and simple as possible.

6. Start by writing a draft

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Most people don’t draft a piece of their writing since they were at school. However, it’s a habit that you should develop at an early age. Whether it’s an update or a blog post, you should write your piece and leave it for some time before sending it. When you look at it after a while, you’ll easily notice your mistakes and improve on them.

7. Ask your friends for help

You don’t have to suffer alone as you try to craft and send a message. Most entrepreneurs think too much before seeking help. No one is an expert in anything. Asking people who are better than you can help you learn lots of things that you cannot learn yourself. You need to go out and look for friends who can tell you about written communication.

Writing is a skill. And you need to work with someone who has been practicing more than you. And how to follow the plan when things aren’t working. Written communication is a skill. And you can improve it by listening to an experienced person and applying the rules to your writing. You need to tell your friend why you are writing since different writing purposes have different writing styles.

Bonus Tips

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Read books

Understanding writing rules make it easier for you to bend them however you like. Therefore, if you don’t know writing rules, it can be difficult to use them to your advantage. Reading books is one of the best ways to improve your writing skills. Reading great books will make it easier for you to understand writing rules and bend them to enhance effectiveness as you communicate with your associates.

Avoid extraneously

Expressing your emotions and telling stories can work well in the fictional world. However, this doesn’t apply in the business setting. Your colleagues at work want you to get to the point quickly. If you are true to yourself while revising your piece, you’ll find that you’ll delete almost everything. It’s too common for colleagues to stuff their messages with unnecessary stories and points. You need to keep things simple and short especially in the business world to avoid wasting time and confusing your recipients.

Don’t personalize your writing

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Using personal pronouns, a lot can make your message or piece sound antagonistic and confrontational. It will require lots of work. However, eliminating pronouns will pay off in spades in the long run. Focus on the recipient (you) than yourself to make the message clear and memorable. This is an important tip especially for employees who request their bosses for something. The more you focus on the recipient, the easier it will be for you to strip personal pronouns. After writing your message, re-read it and correct all spelling, grammatical and punctuation errors.


Writing is a skill. And like all other skills, you can improve it through practice and consistency. If you are poor in this area, don’t give up. Keep on keeping on and the stars will be on your side.