7 Smart Tips To Chop Off Some Hefty Moving Expenses

You got the big news and now it is time to pack your household and move to a new city/ state. You are super excited about the new life that awaits you and preparing for the moving date. Sadly, the excitement is short-lived and you feel the confusion and stress as soon as the reality hits you. The moving process is complicated and you will need a lot of money to effectively handle the costs. If you were expecting the move, you must have kept some savings aside, but what about an unplanned relocation decision?

You will be surprised to know the people get broke after moving their household to a new city. This is why it is important to know the costs related to the move and also save for it in advance. You can always calculate the estimated cost and get online moving quotes from movers at movingapt.com. This will help you in managing your finances easily. However, if you are running short of funds or want to make a cost-effective move, you can always try to save some money when moving.

Yes, expert movers explain some smart ways to cut down your moving expenses. Here are some money-saving tips that will help you in saving expenses and utilize your hard-earned money in the best way possible.

1. Timing is of great essence

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First thing first, you must try and choose the most suitable time to move. Moving during the peak season can make the move costlier. Try to avoid moving during peak season and timings such as the end of the month, weekends, during summer seasons, and other such busy time frames. The movers charge you extra for a summer move – from May to mid-September as the demand is high. On the other hand, weekdays and mid-months are the best to get a cheap moving quote from the movers. Winter moving schedule can also save you a lot of money.

2. Advance booking can be your shot

Movers really respect clients who come to them with plans. This allows the movers to make timely arrangements and save several costs. The best moving companies share their savings with their clients and offer them cheap moving solutions. The earlier you reach the movers, the better you can negotiate. Many companies run special discounts and offer advance booking. Try to plan a move and choose advance booking with a reputed moving company.

3. Call out your deposits

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Whether you owned a house or were a tenant, you must have made some deposits with your landlord of regulatory bides in the region, from security deposits to utility deposits and more, you must call out all your deposits in time before you move. This extra money can prove a great aid in managing to move related expenditure. Many pet owners also make a pet deposit with the authorities, if you are one of those, make sure to get that back too.

4. Sell your unwanted stuff

One of the most common pieces of advice from moving experts is decluttering your stuff and selling unwanted items. We all have a lot of stuff we do not use. A lot of things we have in our house are either unused or rarely used and thus in very good shape and condition. Instead of holding on to these items, it is better to sell them off. You can organize a garage sale to sell your unwanted stuff or find buyers online. Anyway, you can make some handsome profits by selling your belongings.

Some efficient ways to sell your unwanted stuff are:

  • Secondhand stores: you can find it in every block easily. These stores buy your second hand goods and sell them further, you can earn a respectable price for your most unwanted stuff.
  • Online auction: search for online websites that allow you to list your items and find buyers. Many of these websites are free while others charge a minimal amount.

Another advantage of minimizing your moving inventory is lower moving quotes. Online moving quotes largely depend on the size of your inventory. The smaller your moving inventory will be, the lesser you will have to pay to move it from point A to B. By selling your old furniture, heavy appliances and unwanted stuff, you can reduce the size of your inventory and thus costs.

5. Choose to pack

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A very easy way to save your extra moving expenses is not availing of packing services. Though a great relief, packing services can at times cost you heavily. The money you pay the movers for packing can be utilized in several other ways. You can get high quality packing supplies for free from various sources and pack your stuff. However, make sure you have enough skills to pack the stuff efficiently as poor packing can result in damaged goods at the end of the moving process. Start packing in advance and maintain your pace. Also, unpack on your own to increase your savings. You can read several packing manuals and tips to learn how to pack different household items.

6. Grab the offers

You need to be a little more alert and grab early discounts and offers from movers and other service providers. Whether you receive an offer through the mail or get a flower as you cross the street, keep them at one place and evaluate them for use when you have enough time in hand.

7. Take help from friends and family

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You have already decided to pack your stuff and save money. Another way to save some extra bucks is eliminating moving labor costs. Moving labor takes care of the moving point, loading, and unloading of your items. If you have a great support system, ask your friends and family to help you and save money.

These are some of the amazing ways to save moving costs and enjoy an affordable move. No matter whether you have planned a move or it came as a surprise, you can always use these tips to save your hard-earned money.