9 Tips for Maintaining Wigs Every Day

People who are lucky enough to have thick and healthy hair don’t need to worry about wigs and other hair accessories, since everything they have to do is to take care of their natural hair properly. But, there are a lot of people who aren’t that lucky. We talk about those who have thin hair without a volume, who are sensitive to heat and hair products. Also, there are those who suffer severe or complete hair loss, and they want to cover that, in order to protect the skin on their head from sunburns and other weather conditions.

Wigs come in different shapes and styles. The most popular is a lace front wig, that is easy to put on your head, and keep it there through the whole day. Also, there are even more advanced models, that make a vacuum between the covering surface and your head, especially when the person is completely bald, so there is no risk of sliding because of the sweat. Some people prefer human hair wigs, so they can accomplish a more natural look. Others are good with synthetic hairs too, which is also a matter of choice. Another great thing nowadays is that you can also visit a wig store online and explore the different models before you choose one piece. For example, heyhair7 is one of the stores that offer great human hair wigs for excellent prices, and everyone can find something nice and modern for them.

But, how to properly take care of it? Can you use regular hair products, or you need special ones for this purpose? Here are a few useful tips on how to do that:

1. Lookout the materials

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Make a difference between human and synthetic hair. Keep in mind that human hair wigs can easily be stylized with heat, since they are more resistant, but synthetic ones can melt under the curler or straightener. You will also regularly need to comb them since there are no natural oils to protect the hair from damages, so we go to the next one…

2. Use special products and combs

The places who sell wigs also offer special cosmetics, because the regular shampoos and conditioners aren’t really good for your hair addition. So, investing in proper cosmetics is the best way to know that you are doing everything to keep the wig healthy, smooth, and shiny for a longer time. Don’t use a regular brush for it. There are special combs too, that can detangle the hairs, without damaging them. As you wash it, don’t rub the wig. It’s enough to simply put shampoo, wash it off, and then use conditioner. The combing will be much easier after that.

3. Don’t cut it by yourself

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If you are not a hairstylist, then don’t try to give it a different style. If it looks damaged, you probably didn’t take proper care, or you use it too long and you have to replace it with a new one. If you want some change, you can either invest in a new wig or take the current one to a hairdresser to stylize it. Remember, it may look good while on a stand on your table, but once you put it on your head, it can be pretty damaged – and there is no way to reverse your styling.

4. Always have more than one wig

If you have to wear it all the time, then you should have at least two of them. You can rotate between the two or more wigs, ensuring you are extending their life. That gives you enough time to properly take care of all the wigs while wearing one. It’s pretty difficult to balance with only one wig, so it takes at least two for a completely comfortable life.

5. Use hairsprays without alcohol

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Alcohol is the worst enemy of both natural and synthetic wigs. It makes the hair look completely dry and unhealthy. The regular products aren’t the best choice for the wigs and hair extensions, and you need to ask the supplier for a recommendation. Keep in mind that the products that are good for the hair can cause buildup and friction on wigs, and hairspray is one of the products you absolutely need to avoid.

6. Store it properly

Invest in a stand or mannequin so you can store the wig properly. You shouldn’t fold it, or put it between the clothes and other accessories. Always have it covered, so you can protect it from the dust. It should stay in an upright position, so you can avoid friction and tangle. Cover it with a silky piece of textile, or any other fabric that prevents friction.

7. When drying the wig after washing, don’t rub but press it

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Drying your hair with a soft, clean towel with high water absorption can take away a lot of moisture from wet hair. This can greatly shorten the time to use a hair dryer to blow hair, even without the use of a hair dryer. It can also reduce the damage of wigs.

Note that it is best to use a towel to dry the wig hair. It is best to only use the tip of the hair to pat the root of the hair instead of rubbing it directly.

8. Sleep on a silk or satin pillowcase

Invest in a silk or satin pillowcase for your own bed. Cotton pillows will absorb the moisture and oil in the hair, which will cause frizz and lack of luster in the long-term. Replacement with shiny, soft and shiny silk pillows can solve this problem. In addition, silk pillows provide a smoother surface to reduce the chance of wig hair damage, thereby reducing the occurrence of breakage. Also, if you have just ironed your wigs or styling your wig hair, and hope that the styling can last a little longer, sleeping on a silk or satin pillow will help maintain your styling much more than a cotton pillow.

9. Take care of your hair too

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Even if the growth state is not satisfactory, there is always a chance for your hair to grow up back again. So, if you see your hairs coming back all over the head, start taking care of them too. That hair is renewed, soft, and silky, and you have to be very careful with it. You should do the same if you still have your hair too.

We hope that now you know how important is the proper hair, no matter the type of wig you use. Take care about it, but don’t forget the natural hair too. We hope that soon you won’t even need to wear wigs, and your hair will grow healthy and smooth again.