Complete Guide To The Listing Process Of Your House 

Selling a home means remodeling the new living. You will encounter new experiences and make new big discussions for the significant financial asset of your life. You will go through different emotions and efforts during the process of listing. It will surely acquire some cost to you, but in the end, it’s going to be worthwhile for you if it will sell at reasonable profitable rates. If it isn’t selling at affordable rates, you will face some significant financial losses.

The only way to maximize the profit of selling the house at reasonable rates is by professionally performing the listing process. If you pay close attention to the process, you will create a successful listing no matter if you are doing it for the first time for sale by the owner or rendering flat fee MLS realtor services.

In this article, we will discuss a complete guide to the listing process. By reading this article, you will get a bunch of knowledge about the listing process. Although you will get more understanding about listing through, you can read their blog too.

Where to sell your property?


The first thing that comes to mind while discussing listing is how we will perform this step? And from where we are going to start it? Nowadays the software has eased our lives by making all the processes easier. The listing is performed through the MLS portal.

The MLS stands for multiple listing services. That is an online listing portal that is established by some of the affiliated real estate agents. Every state or country has its listing portal where the area listing has been uploaded. Only the real estate agents and licensed realtors have access to the portal. The agents can see each other’s listing activity, and if any buyer agent has an interest in your listing, the seller agent will send you a request.

What is the best platform to sell out your house?

Many online websites provide MLS services such as FSBO.COM, Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, and many others. These all-MLS websites list your property at different MLS portals where the listing will get maximum exposure. In this way, the seller can sell its property in less period at profitable rates.

How to begin with the listing process?


The most important question is how the seller is going to proceed with it. For the seller’s convenience, I have aligned the listing process into steps that will help the buyer perform the listing process quickly, so without further ado, let’s mention all the essential steps.

Step 1. Estimate the price

It would help if you estimated a reasonable price for your listing to use Zillow Zestimate and redfin Zestimate. The price estimation price would only take 1 hour to complete the process and all you need to enter general information about the listing.

Step 2. Run comps

The second thing is to run comps that you will get from the particular information you added that includes the general information such as set the radius, add an area in square feet. Then you will get similar comps now compare them with your prices.

Step 3. Set price


Once you have run the comp, now look after the similar houses in your neighborhood and compare them with yours, and set the most nominal prices that you can accept. Raise the cost of your listing once you get maximum traffic.

Step 4. Prepare house for sale

You need to prepare your house by evaluating the house’s condition and making necessary changes that include repairing broken windows and ceilings, filling the holes, trimming the garage, painting the walls, decluttering, adding lighting fixtures, and many others are necessary to do.

Step 5. Select listing method

The next step is to select the listing method of listing your property as for sale by owner or from where you want to render listing services. It would help if you made decisions based on reviews.

Step 6. Decide whether hire an agent or sell for sale by the owner

If you are listing as for sale by owner, then there is no need for this step but if you are proceeding listing process as a flat fee MLS agent or hiring a full-services relator, then decide for whom you will render the services.

Step 7. Add all listing location and area details


Here you need to add all elements of the listing, including the piece, listing square feet, adding photos, adding all interior and exterior details, and giving them an overview of the house by elaborating the rooms, bathrooms, and stories it has.

Step 8. List the property

List the property on the state’s local MLS portal, or list it on different MLS portals of the big companies because this will give them the maximum exposure required to sell the property listing on time.

Step 9. Market the listing

The critical point is to market your property on different social media applications to give it maximum exposure. You can also sell your property at other media platforms no matter if it is digital or print media.

Step 10. Staging the house

You have to make all necessary changes to stage the house, such as cleaning, decluttering the extra furniture, opening windows, and enlightening the home.

Step 11. Check buyers request


If any buyer is offering you reasonable rates, you need to implement the follow-up strategy, then make them a call, connect back with them, and negotiate on rates. You need to act like a professional on the negotiation point to keep the impression on the buyer’s agent.

Step 12. Closing

The last step is closing once you have completed the process and set the deal with the buyers. The final step is closing the value for this; I recommend hiring an attorney or lawyer to achieve a smoother closing process.

Final thoughts

We have explained all the detailed listing processes in a nutshell. I hope this information might help you out throughout your listing process and generate a good amount of profit.