Everything You Need to Know About Yachting in The Mediterranean Sea

The Mediterranean Sea is one of the best places for enjoying a vacation. The picturesque view and pleasant weather of the Mediterranean sea make the surrounding places a favorite among tourists.

However, if you want to experience some adventurous thing like yachting or sailing here, this place could be ideal for you. Besides being a popular destination for holidays, this place is known for yachting. So, if you are a newbie, you need to know about some essential things regarding yachting.

So, before you book a luxury yacht in the Mediterranean sea, we are here to help you out. In the following, we will cover the best places for yachting, the best tips you need to know, and the ideal time for yachting.

Best Yachting Places in The Mediterranean Sea

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Before we know about the top tips about yachting, we need to know some ideal places for yachting. Sure, the Mediterranean sea has some attractive holiday destinations. However, all of them are not suitable for yachting or sailing. So, here we are giving the top six places for having a thrilling yachting experience.

1. Amalfi Coast

One of the most visited places in the Mediterranean sea is Amalfi Coast. With the rich beauty of nature, this 30 miles long coast of Italy offers various adventurous activities like yachting besides being a laid-back holiday destination.

If you are a history lover, this place could be ideal for you. Moreover, the Amalfi coast is near many famous tourist destinations including Cetara, Capri, Sorrento, and Positano.

2. Balearic Islands

Made up with four islands of Formentera, Mallorca, Ibiza, and Menorca, Balearic Islands is a popular tourist destination. Besides the picturesque landscapes and pleasant weather, you can have an amazing yachting experience.

You can also involve in various activities on these islands. Having a one-week vacation could be ideal for this place. You can visit the Balearic Islands throughout the year.

3. Sardinia

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If you love the places of the Mediterranean sea, then you cannot leave Sardinia. According to many tourists, Sardinia is one of the ideal places for yachting or sailing. Both Costa Smeralda and Porto Cervo are very popular for jets and yachting.

The long 1,100 miles of coastline make this place favorite among yachting lovers. Besides yachting, you can explore the cultural side of Sardinia. Don’t forget to visit medieval villages in Sardinia.

4. Corsica

Corsica is near Sardinia, another most visited place on the coast of the Mediterranean sea. This place is popular for the splendid beauty of nature with various mountain ranges. Besides scenic beauty, this place is famous for offshore anchorages and marina berthing.

Although this place is also ideal for yachting. In fact, you can visit Sardinia on the same yacht from Corsica. You can also explore the culture of this place.

5. Malta

Popular as a holiday destination, Malta is the less-visited place for yacht charters. However, you still can enjoy small yachting in Malta. If you are visiting this coastal area for spending holidays, then you go yachting.

On the other hand, we don’t recommend this place if your main goal is yachting. Malta is good for exploring local foods and the history of the place.

6. The Ionian Islands

Made up of seven main islands and many small islets, Ionian Islands is a great place for yachting. Each of these seven islands has surprises for tourists. In fact, this place could be the ideal holiday destination.

Besides yachting, you can explore the traditional culture on the island of Zante. You can spend your holiday in Corfu, the largest island of the Ionian Islands.

Best Tips For Yachting in The Mediterranean Sea

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Finally, you know about the best places for yachting in the Mediterranean sea. However, we are providing some tips that could help you a lot with your yachting:

  • No matter if you are a newbie or an expert, make sure you are hiring a yacht charter specialist. You will find several companies that provide this service. Your yachting will be more beautiful with a full-time captain.
  • Before you plan for yachting in the Mediterranean sea, you need to choose the ideal season. The best time for yachting in this place is between May to October.
  • If you are not hiring a yacht specialist, your crew will help you with sailing. Well, if it’s your first time sailing, don’t be afraid.
  • Many yacht companies in the Mediterranean sea provide various adventure activities for tourists. So, why not have some adventure by doing water-skiing or wakeboarding.
  • Before you choose a yacht for your yachting adventure, you need to check some basic things. To implement this, make sure you are making a list of your requirements and then ask the company if they can provide these services.
  • Most yacht companies don’t provide a fixed route. So, you have to talk to your crew to explore the surrounding places. Make sure you are telling them before if you want to explore new places.

Cost of Yachting

The cost of a charter yacht depends on the size of it and how long you are taking it. The cost of yachting starts from 30,000 Euro to 1,000,000 per week in the Mediterranean sea. However, you need to pay for other expenses too. You can click here and get more info about it

Best Time For Yachting in The Mediterranean Sea

Due to the pleasant weather and wind condition, you can visit the coastal places of the Mediterranean sea throughout the year. Similarly, you can enjoy yachting or sailing any time of the year. However, the best time for yachting in this place is during the summer months. People also visit these places during fall and spring.


Experiencing a yacht charter in the Mediterranean sea could be one of the memorable holidays for you, especially when you are yachting for the first time. However, you have to know everything about yachting in this place. We have covered almost everything in this article. If you still need more information, you can start your research.