Explore Kuala Lumpur by Public Transport – Here Are The Details!

Malaysia is a fast-growing nation. Kuala Lumpur is one of the finest Malaysian cities in this bustling tourist nation. The city is besotted by the natural beauty that harmoniously co-exists with urban architecture. Tourists can explore this city by public transport after purchasing a bus ticket online to visit the many tourist places in Kuala Lumpur. Know more about it here at https://www.redbus.my/.

Over the past several decades, Malaysia has transformed from being a tourism-only destination to a business hub. One of the reasons for this is the country’s unique location. It is like a gateway to East and South East Asia. For foreign ex-pats, Malaysia is their favorite destination to settle down. The serene naturalistic wonders of the country draw millions of tourists. Some of them stay back and make this country their home.

Despite the huge influx of tourists, the infrastructure of Kuala Lumpur is not crumbling. The well-connected public transport system can handle the demands of tourists. Each year the number of people visiting the country is growing. The public transport system of Malaysia is able to withstand this enormity because it is well-managed and technologically advanced.

Airports in Malaysia

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Malaysia has airports that are world-class. Airlines catering to all income segments are available. KLIA serves luxury airlines such as Singapore Airlines, Malaysian Airlines. KLIA2 serves budget carriers such as Air Asia.

Airport transfer

To visit tourist places in Kuala Lumpur, you can take a shuttle bus after buying a bus ticket to KL Sentral from the airport. The bus stand is visible directly in front of the airport. You can take the bus without hesitation. The airport is located on the outskirts of the city. KL Sentral is 57 km from the airport. But for those who want to get to KL Sentral faster, there are trains. KLIA Ekspres starts from KLIA2, with a stop at KLIA and reaches KL Sentral in half an hour. KLIA Transit also starts at KLIA2 and takes about 39 minutes to reach KL Sentral.

Traveling by train is not cheap, but saves time. Both these transit trains have free 4G WiFi. Trains are spic and span. Another option that can be considered is to hire a taxi. Fares are high. This option is not recommended.

After reaching KL Sentral

You can take the bus service after purchasing bus ticket online to reach KL Sentral. My first destination was Batu Caves. KTM Kommuter Station has metro trains that traverse the length and breadth of the city and country. It is amongst the least expensive modes of travel. I found this the best way to get to Batu Caves.

MyRapid public buses

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To visit several other tourist places in Kuala Lumpur, you can hire a cab. If you are unsure about the authenticity of the information provided by the taxi drivers, you can travel within the city by MyRapid buses. These are well-maintained modes of public transport. Automated ticketing and air conditioning are available. Price tags are suited for all types of travelers. The buses have a vast network, thus ensuring that you can get to any region. But one disadvantage could be that the buses might be stuck in traffic. Kuala Lumpur can get congested at times. So there is no guarantee that the bus will arrive on time.


To travel to busy districts in Kuala Lumpur, you can use monorail public transport. Tickets are pricier than a normal bus ticket, but it is a good option to get to destinations on time. Kiosks installed allow for self-ticketing. It ensures that there is no eleventh-hour rush for tickets. Monorails are also available more frequently, so one can plan quick travels around the city.


You can use the Kuala Lumpur Metro Train when heading back from KL Sentral to the airport. The KLCC mall is where the metro station is housed. After visiting the twin towers, you can use the metro train to reach KL Sentral. The metro trains of Malaysia are well-networked and tidy.

These are the top places to visit in Kuala Lumpur:

National History Museum

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The National History Museum is a great place to learn about Malaysian culture and history. There are four art galleries within the museum. There are different displays in each gallery. They reflect the country’s progress. The Silver Man is one exhibit that can capture your attention. It’s a man’s skull, and it’s thought to be the world’s oldest human skeleton. Exhibits about transportation are on display in the outdoor arena. Here is a steam locomotive from 1921. The locomotive’s mechanical system exemplifies the emerging locomotive technology of the historical period.

China Town

Chinatown, commonly known as Chee Cheong Kai, is located on Petaling Street. It means Starch Factory Street as tapioca was once produced in Chinatown. In today’s world, Chinatown is a thriving commercial district. Despite the extensive modernization, an eastern culture dominates every part of life. The history and heritage of China are on full display. The countless stalls, stores, restaurants, and convenience stores retail, sell, store, manufacture, and bake Chinese items, cuisine, and clothing, among other things. The prices are reasonable, and negotiation is permitted. To travel to this popular location, buy a bus ticket.

Menara Tower

The Kuala Lumpur Tower, also known as the Menara Tower, is one of the world’s tallest structures. Since it is a telecommunication tower, it has a 500m long antenna. There are elevators and a stairwell in the tower. A spinning restaurant in the upper area offers a panoramic eating experience. Races and other competitions are held. The competition is won by those who use the stairwell to reach the top of the tower. During Muslim holy months, the crescent moon can also be seen from the tower. The Menara Tower stands at the height of 1,381 feet.

Petronas Towers

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Another architectural marvel is the Petronas Towers, a pair of skyscrapers. A horizontal bridge connects the twin structures. They were the world’s tallest structures until 2004. The Petronas Towers are based on a tube-in-tube architecture and are one of the top sites to visit in Kuala Lumpur. The towers have a total of 88 floors and are made of reinforced concrete. Retail centers are located within the towers. Outside, there is a large KLCC park with walking pathways and jogging opportunities. The sky bridge, which connects the two structures, is not connected to the towers. Rather, a slide-in and slide-out mechanism are used.


You can travel the length and breadth of Kuala Lumpur by using various modes of public transport. One drawback when visiting the many tourist places in Kuala Lumpur by public transport is that the various modes of public transport systems were not well-integrated. It might lead to a lot of walking and asking around. But that’s a small discomfort in an otherwise perfectly machinated place.