Exploring Morocco and the Sahara with Professional Tour Guides for Unforgettable Experiences

We have all seen those images in travel magazines that have intricately carved-out lanterns lit in the evening ambiance and lining pathways along the desert edge only to be greeted by flowing beige tents with hand-woven tapestries laid out in front and taking you into a world unlike any other.

A backdrop of dark navy and matte black hues stretches above for as far as the eyes can see and yet is mesmerizingly flecked with twinkling stars and lights that look like they have been individually placed for your enjoyment.

If this sounds like the adventure of a lifetime or something you would love to experience but have always thought impossible and merely a bucket list option to tick off if dreams did come true, then you are in luck.

Your dream vacation to the coziness that is the rolling dunes of the Sahara with culture-rich sites and destinations like the majestic lands of Morocco is ready and waiting for you to embark on a transformational journey of your dreams, only it’s a beautiful reality to embrace with open arms.

You Can Live Your Best Life

Constantly thinking about and daydreaming of lands far away that are filled with rich colors, aromas of handmade cuisines wafting through the air and market streets, and artisanal décor to elevate your home is easily within reach, and now you have the luxury of enjoying these iconic lands with the professional guidance of locals and experts in the know.

Too often planning a vacation can be overwhelming, and even more so if it is to a place you have never been to before, or it is that much further than your regular destination and all you can think about is trying to get it as close to perfect as possible.

But this can be not only a lot of work to plan with all the transfers and logistics, but incredibly stressful which eventually ends up making this a holiday a nightmare. But no more.

What you want is to book with a company that has years of industry experience in taking tourists and groups all around the iconic sightseeing locations, understands that being in a new location can feel daunting, but does their very best to make you feel relaxed, comfortable, and at ease so you can enjoy every bit of the trip for unforgettable memories.

Quality companies such as Tours Desert Sahara believe that immersing yourself in the rich culture and community that is in Morocco is what will give you a truly unique experience, and is best done with professional guides who know the area and adventures.

And if you are lucky, will offer an off-the-beaten track only known to locals for a bespoke immersive memory-making moment (here’s hoping).

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Many people think that by using a company with guides you are restricted to a schedule, a fixed set of plans and movements which can more often than not be a deterrent for many holiday seekers, but it is so much more than that.

Working with and using a tour guide, especially if they are local (so many of the best ones are), will be life-changing and you will only wish you had used a professional guide for all the holidays you have been on.

If you have been thinking about your next vacation and considering using a tour guide to see everything that Morocco and the Sahara have to offer, then let these top curated reasons show you just why it will be the best decision you could make for your trip.


It is no secret that traveling abroad does more often than not come with language barriers which can be very stressful, but when you use a local guide they have the knowledge and the language covered and you can sit back and enjoy your trip. They can help you translate, negotiate, or navigate your way around.


Traveling in a large group often means visiting generic spots or sights that might not be of interest to you and feel like a waste of time and energy.

With a smaller group and a personal tour guide, you can go wherever you like and visit only the places that appeal to you.

Time Efficient

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Without a tour guide you can be sure you will waste ample time trying to not only locate places but understanding or learning how to get there using local transport or pay a hefty taxi fee.

A guide comes with a vehicle suited to your party size and you go straight to the locations or restaurants not wasting a minute searching aimlessly.

Cultural Insight and Protection

Many countries have strict rules and cultural musts and doing the wrong thing or not doing something can cause a big offense to locals.

Your tour guide will advise you how best to dress for certain locations, how best to greet or communicate with respect for the community, and as a local will keep you safeguarded from those trying to target tourists.


Just like with a large group your schedule is seemingly fixed, times, destinations, and how long you can spend in each spot. A personalized tour with a guide is significantly more flexible and you can explore in some places for longer, and others for a quick photo opportunity before moving along.

Your time is your own, and you can have peace of mind that your tour guide will be there still no matter how long you take. Win-win.

The Time is Now

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If ever there was a time to embrace life and live it to the fullest it would be now. There is always going to be an excuse ready and waiting as to why you shouldn’t do it now, but jumping in with both feet and embracing the adventure that awaits is something you will never forget and certainly not regret.

Use a reputable and reliable company for the best experience and planned trip that leaves you feeling safe and comfortable at all times, but more so that you don’t have to stress about planning or thinking about and ultimately wishing you never began at all.

Morocco and the Sahara are as tranquil and calming as they are beautiful and mesmerizing, and certainly a global destination not to miss out on. Here’s to living your best life!