How Can Children Learn by Playing? – 2023 Guide

Learning by playing – it is something every child does until we put them to school where they start learning actively. However, learning by playing has so many benefits and this is the way for kids to get themselves familiar with the world around them. That is why it is advisable to keep the kids active, looking for things, exploring the environment around them. Of course, throughout this process, we need to keep a watchful eye because a child’s curiosity might be dangerous.

Be that as it may, there are various toys that can help them learn without even realizing it. More importantly, they are enjoying themselves and you can also enjoy watching them. Don’t be scared though – it is ok to join in the fun! The kids will love to see their parents jumping the bandwagon and play with toys. It goes without saying that you will spend some quality time with your kids.

Without further ado, let’s check out what some of the toys are that you can get for your kids and how they can benefit from them.

Motoric Cubes

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Motoric cubes are colorful, compact and attract children of different ages. The learning toy stimulates different senses and animates children to explore and try things out with its games and compositions. Motoric cubes are available in different sizes and finishes. They train different skills. In the simple version, motoric cubes consist of a wooden box with recesses through which the child can insert appropriate wooden blocks. This is a challenge for the child.

Children in the crib and nursery age also enjoy rotating cubes. This is called a puzzle. A cube consists of rotating parts with different designs or parts of an animal. When a piece is turned, the picture changes shape and a new animal is created. Larger and varied motoric cubes delight children of different age groups. These cubes have a different toy on each side. That is not boring for a child at all.

On the upper side of the combination cube, there is an unclear shape consisting of curved metal rods and movable colored play parts (motoric loops).

Training fine motor skills playfully

The motor loop trains fine motor skills very effectively. The hand-eye coordination should fit in order to be able to guide individual parts of the various loops in a certain direction. It is not easy to grasp the small parts. There are bright colors, different designs, and sizes. This exercise also trains different types of grips. This promotes the child’s agility. The grips, as well as movement models, are converted to movements in everyday life.

The great effect of colorful motoric cubes

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The motoric loop trains perception and spatial imagination. The child has to think about which parts are on which of the bent metal wires and how to move them. Coordination skills are also trained. The child has to determine again and again how a part can be moved, and it grasps and guides the moving parts again and again. A motor cube stimulates almost all other senses as well. The bright colors, as well as the different forms, promote the development of language. Several children can play with a motoric cube at the same time.

Different designs for different age groups

Small and light motor cubes are suitable for children from the age of one. However, the child should be able to sit independently and grip safety. Starting from the second year of life, various motoric loops are interesting for the children. Larger models have a wider selection of games. For older children, large motoric cubes with integrated skill games or a music box are suitable.

Motoric loops made of wood make a durable impression. Wooden toys should be well polished and free of harmful substances. In addition, attention should be paid to the workmanship and size of the wooden bricks so that the child does not swallow the bricks and injure itself.

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Lego Cubes

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Although Lego cubes might be considered notorious by some adults because stepping on them certainly isn’t pleasant, they can be quite useful for children. First things first, teach your kids to put them away after playing!

All jokes aside, lego cubes allow your kids to build shapes and sizes they want. Even though legos are more expensive then some of its competition, they ensure quality and safety for your children.

Benefits of Legos

As we already said, your children have unlimited options when it comes to building and constructing. They can build homes, fortresses, and everything that comes to their mind. One of the major benefits of legos is that they will develop imagination and creativity just by playing around. Some of the “constructions” may not have a sense for you but they will have a perfect sense in the kid’s mind. Which is what matters after all.

Secondly, you can join in the party and build some things you are familiar with and inspire your kid. Show them what can be done with legos and let them do it by themselves.


Learning by doing is a philosophy that is used by kids unconsciously. It proves to be working which is why it has been implemented in elementary, middle and high schools as well! This approach is not limited to kids only and adults to can use it to improve their skills.

That being said, with appropriate toys such as legos and motoric cubes, only the sky is the limit for your kid. Stimulate the right senses, push the right buttons and your kids will certainly thrive.