How to Choose a Beautiful White Shirt?

The white shirt is an essential piece of the men’s wardrobe but with the many offers and brands that exist on the market, it is becoming more and more difficult to know which to choose. To help you, we will go over all the questions you need to ask yourself before choosing your white shirt from to be sure that you will keep it for years to come.

As a reminder, the longer you wear a garment, the more its environmental impact will be reduced. The goal will therefore be to choose quality shirts that last so that you don’t have to constantly buy new ones. “Let’s consume less but better”.

What Cut to Choose for a White Shirt?


Before choosing, you are going to have to decide which shirt cut you want or which type of color suits you. This decision should be made taking into account your taste (how do you like to wear your clothes, rather comfortable or rather tight), your body type and also the occasion for which you plan to wear this white shirt.

We cannot define your tastes for you, but we can give you some advice on choosing a shirt suited to your body type or personality.

If you are a little overweight, avoid cuts that are too slim as they will bring out your love handles. In this case, prefer semi-slim or straight cuts. Conversely, if you are thin enough, go for semi-slim or slim cuts and abandon the idea of choosing a straight fit that will give the impression that you are floating in the fabric.

The cut of your shirt can also depend on the occasion, for a wedding, for example, choose a cut close to the body and avoid oversized cuts even if they are more to your taste. You can abuse oversize cuts to give a volume effect during your weekends with friends.

Which Collar to Choose for your White Shirt?


After choosing the cut, the collar of the white shirt is the second point not to be overlooked. As with the cut, the choice of collar will depend on your tastes, the occasion and also your body type (size of your head and neck).

For special occasions, choose collars that go well with a suit and are quite classic. During your evenings with friends, you can opt for a little more original polo collars such as the mandarin collar for example.

It is more difficult to choose your collar according to your morphology than its cut. However, not all collars are suitable for all men.

Before choosing your collar, consider the size of your head and the size of your neck. Do I have a rather large head or a small head? Is my neck long or short?

Once you have the answer to these two questions, you can select a collar suited to your body type.

The Material and Fabric of your White Shirt


Once the cut and collar have been selected, you also need to think about the type of fabric and material for your white shirt. The fabric and the material will depend essentially on the setting in which you are going to wear it, your desires and also the seasonality (will you wear this shirt more in winter or in summer?)

For a formal shirt, the choice is more limited because you must stay in fairly classic fabrics and materials, on the other hand for casual shirts the possibilities of choice are numerous.

In summer, we advise you to favor breathable materials and airy fabrics, while in winter you can opt for thicker fabrics and warmer materials. In any case, our advice is to avoid synthetic materials. In addition to being bad for the environment, they are not breathable at all, so a synthetic shirt will make you sweat faster.

Which White Shirt for which Occasions?


Too few people think about this detail even though it is essential in order to make the right choice. What occasion would you like to wear your white one for?

The shirt you are going to choose for a wedding should not be the same as the one you choose for your outings with friends (unless of course you have a dandy look that is always very neat).

What Style of White Shirt to Choose?


When choosing your shirt, you should also think about the style of white shirt you want to wear. Indeed, all white polos are not the same and certain details can make the difference.

For example, you can find white shirts with black buttons, white denim or white patterned shirts. You’ll have to be sure of the style you need at the risk of getting lost and choosing a model that ultimately doesn’t quite suit you.

White Shirt Marks

After choosing all the criteria, you will be able to start looking at the white polo brands that might be right for you. When choosing the brand of your shirt we advise you to look at several important points.

Is the brand transparent about its production methods and the materials it uses? Does the brand make efforts to improve its environmental impact?

Given the current situation, these points are essential and should be taken into account before any purchase.


The price is an important factor, you have to choose a shirt that you can afford but don’t forget that it is often more profitable to invest a little more money in a quality product that will last a long time. Rather than a cheap shirt that won’t look like anything after a few washes.

When choosing a brand, it is important to assess the quality of the shirts it offers. It is not always easy to recognize a quality product, however tell yourself that large investments in marketing (advertising, stores in fancy places etc…) are often a sign of less importance given to the product and therefore of quality medium.