How to Choose the Best Watch for Yourself – 2023 Guide

Choosing a watch is a personal decision, no matter if it is a gift for a special someone or something you are buying for yourself. It might be difficult to even know where to start since there is a wide variety of styles, brands, and prices to choose from.

Before buying a watch, there are a few factors to consider, the most important being your budget. Instead of going all out and spending a lot of money on a new watch, it is better to choose one that has the design, functionality, and features that are right for you.

The most beneficial approach might be to learn how to choose the best for yourself, and here are some things to consider that can help you with your choice.


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According to professionals from TheWatchCompany, 1.2 billion watches are sold annually, so there are a lot of models to pick from. They come in a variety of styles, so it might be a bit difficult to choose one perfect for you. In cases like this, it is best to think about what occasions you will be wearing it and make a decision based on that. Also, a little help from reliable watch online review sites like will give you all the essential details you need when choosing the perfect watch for you. Knowing the styles offered by watch companies will get you to know which type of watch is well-suited to your personality. The common styles are:

Field Watches – They were designed for soldiers during WWII, and were made to do one thing – tell time accurately. They are functional and durable, still having a military vibe to them.

Racing Watches – They include a solid case, big dial, and a metal or leather band. Chronographs and tachymeters are what sets these timepieces apart from others.

Aviator Watches – These units do not have a distinctive style, but most of them include features that are easy to read, date and chronograph components, and a leather band.

Dive Watches – As the name suggests, these units are designed for underwater diving and can withstand immersion to a depth of at least 100 meters.

Dress Watches – They are a simple, yet stylish in design, never flashy or big. Made to be worn with suits or other types of formal attire, they are perfect for business and formal events.


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One of the most important things to do is to try it on before buying. Making sure it is the right fit is crucial since a watch that is too big might look showy, while one that is too small might seem tacky. You should always think about how proportionate the watch’s size is to the size of your wrist.


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It is completely up to you whether to buy a cheap or pricey watch. A good idea would be to decide how much you are willing to spend on it beforehand and set a limit for yourself. This way, a salesperson will only show you the ones within your price range, so you will not be tempted to spend more than intended.

However, if you find yourself comfortable buying watches online, you’ll have a vast selection of timepieces in various price categories at your disposal. Watches sold on e-commerce stores often come with better prices as well.

The good news for those on a limited budget is that the array of affordable yet highly reliable watch brands is much broader than most of you would’ve thought. Watch Researcher, a dedicated blog for affordable watches, covers the top watchmakers that provide the market with durable and inexpensive timepieces.

Among the tens of affordable brands are the two Japanese powerhouses Seiko and Citizen, that have a huge selection of different types of watches available for only a couple of hundred dollars. Their timepieces are often equipped with top-notch innovations as well, including solar-powered quartz and radio-controlled atomic timekeeping.

You’ll also find some very reputable Swiss names with appealing price tags. Tissot, Hamilton, and Victorinox are just a few to mention that feature accurate and durable Swiss-made movements and come in stylish designs while costing just a few hundred bucks.

Of course, if you have heaps to spend, then give it a go and buy one of the top brands in the industry, because the luxury labels are luxurious for a reason – they’re handmade, employ the best calibers, and last for decades, if not generations. But rest assured that receiving a long-lasting watch can also be obtained without giving away enormous sums of money if you know the brands to look out for.


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Think about whether there are any extra features you would like for your timepiece to have, like an alarm, day and date display, chronograph, or a stopwatch. Having these additions to an analog watch might be extremely useful for some, but if you do not like these types of extras, you can always opt for something simpler.


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Depending on your fashion sense and wardrobe, you should pick a watch that you can match with the majority of clothes you own. Silver or titanium goes well with colors like blue, black, and gray, while gold matches well with green or brown.


Watches come with different features, styles, and functionalities, so there is a lot to choose from. But if you are feeling overwhelmed, just go for one that is comfortable around your wrist and makes you feel great and confident while wearing it. Visit and check some of the watches available, which will suit the best with your style and personality.