How To Host The Perfect Baby Shower That Your Friends Will Remember

Baby showers are a good way to celebrate new beginnings but pulling off a good one can be quite difficult. There are just so many things to consider. If it’s your upcoming baby shower, there’s no doubt that you definitely want it to be as perfect as possible. Daunting as it may be, it is possible to plan the perfect baby shower.

With the right plan and the right budget, you can create a baby shower that’s going to wow your friends and family alike. Actually, you don’t even need to have an extravagant budget to create the perfect baby shower. So long as you know where to look, you can easily pull this challenge off.

Plan Months Ahead


Before anything else, you need to start the planning process. How long do you have to plan for a baby shower? These are usually done a month or two before the baby is due. That means in those nine months of waiting, you should begin planning for the party as early as the fourth month.

You simply can’t plan the moment your pregnancy is discovered. As baby showers include gifts for the baby, it’s a must that you first know what the gender is. Gender can be determinable at around 14-28 weeks, hence the planning should start here.

As you are planning, begin thinking of the main theme of the baby shower. Remember that baby showers are actually more about the parents and less about the baby so you don’t need to be all cutesy and baby-centric with the theme. Do as you please as they say.

Last but not the least, determine a budget for the baby shower. A baby shower can cost somewhere between $100 – $1,000 depending on how extravagant it is. If you want to make the most of what you have, make sure to check out some coupons from

Picking The Best Location


Baby shower venues are usually plain and simple. Some parents even hold the party at home. There are others who want to go the extra mile by renting out a place for the party as well. A good idea would be to rent out a cafe. The vibes that a cafe gives is usually in tune with how a baby shower should feel like.

Another commonly chosen venue is outdoor areas. These include parks, lakeside open areas, and other outdoor places where the facade is beautiful. When picking an outdoor venue, make sure to look for one where traffic noise won’t be a major problem.

However, don’t be afraid to go and hold the party at home. With enough sprucing up, your home will be the perfect baby shower venue. Aside from being generally cheaper, your family and friends will also feel more comfortable with the venue as it’s a place they’ve already been to.

Send Out The Invitations


Obviously, planning for a baby shower means determining the budget, the location, the date, and the guest list as well. As for your guests, make sure to inform them months before the event so that they can prepare their outfits and gifts accordingly.

Baby showers aren’t really big events. The guest list for it shouldn’t be as long and expensive as compared to the wedding. Only invite your closest friends and family. Those who you’re sure are going to be a part of the baby’s life. If you’re expecting gifts, you should tell them the budget range for what they can buy so it will be easier for them to pick.

It doesn’t even have to be anything fancy. Just reserve your budget for more important matters like the party itself. The wedding invitation could even be just a call or a text to those invited. They’ll appreciate the gesture and you can expect them to bring good gifts in return.

Set Up A Theme


Themes aren’t exactly necessary but they do have various benefits for you. For instance, themes make it easier to set up the party because now, there’s at least a motive to follow. It will be easier for you to design the venue should you choose to do it on your own.

As we’ve said earlier, the theme doesn’t have to be focused on something that a child would love. It can be about you as a couple and your success in conceiving. Bottomline – themes are optional but they can set the pace for the party well. Consider getting a theme if you’re struggling with the initial planning.

Planning The Menu


For party planners, planning the menu is usually where things start to become difficult. You should first know what your guests like eating. If they have specific diets to follow, then make sure to respect their food of choice as well. It will be good to have vegan and non-vegan options for the party so that everyone gets to enjoy it.

As for the beverages, alcoholic beverages are not really required but since this is usually a party that’s attended by adults, don’t be afraid to mix in some beer or cocktails as well. It will help your guests ease into the party a lot easier. As with food, make sure that you understand what your guests’ preferences are.

Pulling The Party Off


With all these sets, all you need to do is to wait until the day arrives. Don’t be too flustered when things don’t go your way. Changes are bound to happen eventually. What’s important is that you remain calm and true to your purpose which is to celebrate new life.

Don’t be afraid to ask your friends or professional party organizers for help. Planning the perfect baby shower can be hard but it can be made easier if you have the right set of people with you.

Baby showers are not something that you should stress about. Planning one does require a bit of effort on your end but you should enjoy the process all-in-all. Just make sure you’re well-prepared and you shouldn’t have a problem in the future.

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