How to Select the Best Time Calculator for Monitoring Your Remote Teams – 2023 Guide

When you are managing remote teams, you need to pay special attention to how each team member performs. Managers need to ensure remote employees are performing their duties sincerely and not engaged in activities that are not related to their work.

A time calculator allows the manager to calculate the work hours of remote employees accurately. You can check out advanced options like

Here is the list of features you need to look at in the best time calculator.


The cloud-based applications are perfect for monitoring remote teams. Remote employees can access the time calculator from their mobile, browser, and several other devices.


Start time and End time

To calculate the accurate total number of hours worked on a day, the software should have separate fields to enter the start time and end time.

24-Hour format

Remote employees work in shifts. Hence, the time calculator needs to support the 24-hour format to allow remote employees and managers to feed the clock in and clock out time correctly. The software should also offer a drop-down list option to select hours to record in and out timings.

A drop-down list to select hours will reduce the probability of entering wrong information. It is also convenient to choose options on a small screen device compared to typing numbers in data fields.

Reset Option

The manager is required to calculate worked hours for hundreds of employees at the end of the day. Some organizations allow remote employees to fill in cloud-hosted timesheets, and the manager is required to compute the total days worked.

The reset option will do away with the need to delete data from fields, which can be time-consuming. The reset option clears all data fields, and the manager can enter data for the next employee in the timesheet. It also reduces the probability of errors that can further lead to computing errors in salary.


These are some of the features you need to look at in a time calculator. However, you will need digital timesheets to record the information and compute salaries. The time calculator cannot track or monitor remote employees. You will need time clock software along with a time calculator to monitor remote employees. Here are some features you need to look at in time clock software.

Works on Mobile

Remote employees work on sites or fields where a regular attendance system cannot work. The time clock software works on mobile. It allows the remote employee to clock in and clock out with a single swipe on the screen. The software comes with a facial recognition feature that ensures only an authorized person (employee) can access the software and clock in or clock out.

The software also comes with GPS functionality that enables the manager to track the remote employee’s real-time location. The software can provide valuable information about employee location throughout the day. When an employee clock in, the software also records the mobile’s GPS coordinates (employee location). It will help the manager know whether the employee is at the site, home, or any other location.


Works from Browser

The time clock software should work from a browser that will allow the employee to clock-in from other devices like laptops, desktops, or tablets. The software should have a company dashboard that allows managers to know the real-time status of employees.

It should allow the manager to configure settings like standard pay rates, overtime pay rates, and the software will generate payroll automatically.

Help switch to digital timesheets

Maintaining paper-based timesheets is difficult and risky at the same time. The time duration calculator makes it easy for the timekeeper to record information in a digital timesheet. The time calculation calculator can help make accurate entries regarding hours worked and make the payment calculations easier.

No Additional Hardware Required

With automated software, you do not need additional hardware to track and record employee’s time. The clock-in-kiosk comes with a team clock feature. All employees have to visit the kiosk and enter time in and time out in the device.


Add Detailed Timesheets Manually

The automated web application allows the HR department to add detailed timesheets manually. After timesheets are added, the payroll department can configure settings like overtime, payroll, and more for proper employee remuneration for any given period.

Workforce Insights

The web application offers an administrator dashboard that gives you workforce insights. The dashboard provides details like employee name, project name, clock in time, clock out time. The application automatically calculates the overtime for every employee. HR staff can leave any notes about the hours worked or wages for the payroll department.

Face Recognition

Many automated applications have a face recognition feature. The biometric authentication ensures only the right person can clock in and clock out. It also reduces the need for supervising authority to check whether authorized persons can access timesheets. In simple words, it eliminates possibilities of false entries that can lead to high costs to the company.

Free Trial Offer

Companies interested in using digital timesheets can opt for a free trial of the software. The trial lets you test all features of the software before deciding to use it in their company. Opting for the free trial offer is easy; enter your company email and click the button – Try 14-days free.

How Time Calculator and Digital Timesheets Help You?


Time calculators and digital timesheets are integral parts of record-keeping and productivity. It allows companies to pay their employees the correct wages and brings clarity to the payroll calculation. The time calculator does the overtime calculation for you.

The timesheets help the organization know whether there are any roadblocks in the project. It can help managers find and remove any bottlenecks and improve the productivity of their employees.

The software eliminates the requirement of staff to record in and out time. Automation brings in cost savings, clarity, and convenience to your organization.

To sum up, time duration calculators and time record software can help record employees’ working hours to analyze the performance.

Managers can divide the total hours worked against the project and different activities performed by the remote employee during the day and generate accurate payroll reports.