How to Sell a House in Indiana With a Flat Fee MLS Agent – 2023 Guide

Listing a home in such a big state is critical? Or are you a newbie to this listing process? Don’t want to pay high commission charges to the real estate agent?

I know many questions might revolve in your mind when you list your property for the first time.

Don’t worry!

Everyone faces this type of confusion and challenges during their first attempt at the listing, and it doubles up when you have to list your property in such a big state as Indiana.

Yes, Indiana covers many countries, and hundreds of houses sell and buy in Indiana daily.

So, it’s a significant achievement if you sell your house at a profitable rate in Indiana. Many big luxurious homes get a poor attention rate of buyers due to less listing exposure.

Visibility is the key for any listing. You need to select that platform that will list your house on different MLS platforms of Indiana, such as MIBOR MLS, GNIAR MLS, SEIBR MLS, Indiana Regional MLS, SIRA MLS, and UpStar MLS. For more details, visit

Listing is a hectic process. If you are unaware of who is a flat fee MLS agent and how they will help me in my listing? How much flat fee MLS agents charge in Indiana?

I will answer all your questions related to Flat fell MLS services in Indiana. And how you can list with the help of a flat fee MLS real estate agent.

What are flat fee MLS agent services?


Flat Fee MLS is a la carte service. Here you are hiring an agent for a typically organized package consisting of fewer listing services in more periodic charges than traditional MLS listing services.

The agent will list your property on different regional MLS platforms of your state and gives your listing exposure to other portals. Also, the agent will set a price with you and negotiate rates with the buyers. When you hire flat fee MLS services, you get maximum control of the listing you put price with mutual understanding.

How can you find flat fee MLS agent services in Indiana

Many companies are providing flat fee MLS services in Indiana. You need to find the best company whose rates are reasonable as well their google ratings are excellent. You have to read reviews to get a better understanding. It’s beneficial for your listing if you prefer regional flat fee MLS service to get better market information and communicate well. Your listing will get maximum regional exposure.

How much Flat fee does an MLS agent charge?

Typically, flat fee MLS agents charge a 3% rate from the seller that is $100 to $500. It is estimated to be 3% of any listing here.

It is conveniently much better than other complete services real estate agents. It’s a fair amount of commission rate that most of the sellers can afford easily.

You don’t have to pay to negotiate with the buyers. Your agent will look after this along with listing your house on MLS.

What services did you avail of after hiring a flat fee MLS agent?


In a basic flat fee MLS package, you can get the following services:

  • They will add 6-25 photos of your listing.
  • Mention a brief description of your property, including all location details.
  • A flat fee agent gives you 3-to-12-month listing exposure on different regional MLS portals.

What services are flat fee MLS agents providing in Indiana?

If we compare them with complete services agent, then they are giving minimal services such as:

  • The real estate agent will list your house at MLS
  • He will provide you limited pricing suggestions.
  • He will choose better contracts for you and share disclosures but with zero reviews.

Flat fee MLS real agents will list your house on different MLS platforms. It will add 6 to 12 photos of your listing, a short description, and add other listing details such as their areas and location details.


After that, he will suggest to you some prices that you can follow and set them on your own, in this way you have the full command on your house pricing and you can put them as per your choice.

After this, when you get a proposal for your houses, he will look after them and choose the best for your listing and earn a benefit. The agent will give disclosure to other options, and then he will ask you to decide the final part.

As you can, if you choose flat fee MLS services, you can get the full command on your listing. You are then responsible for all your processes. Flat fee MLS services are best for those home sale honors who sell their property on their own.

What to consider while hiring flat fee MLS services?

There are some points that you need to consider carefully. while hiring any services such as:

  • Cost and services analyzation
  • Number of photos
  • Listing term
  • Which MLS?
  • Length of description

These points are used to analyze the best flat fee MLS providing services.


Some company’s costs are too high if we compare their services. They are providing fewer services and charging a high price.

Some companies provide less than ten photos of your listing, while some companies provide up to 25 photos of the listing. You have to check this thing first before hiring any services.

Most of the FSBOs ‘ houses take a lot of time to sell. You have to look at the terms. Most flat fee MLS companies allow 68 days, but you need six months of display in your listing.

Get to know that the company is listing your property on how much MLS portal because the more displacement on others will drag attention towards your listing so you can close your deal in less time.

A short description is not enough for your listing because you can’t convey full details of your listing while having small pieces.

Final words

I hope the information mentioned above will help you a lot in selling your house in Indiana. I have said all detailed information related to flat fell MLS services and agents.