How to Style a V-neck Shirt for Fall and Winter 21/22

Let’s get this out of the way first: yes, we love V-necks and no, we don’t think they’re tacky. Every guy should have this wardrobe staple in their closet together with the trusted crews and Henleys.

V-necks are super versatile, and you can wear them all year round. In the summer, they look great with shorts and linen pants and in the fall and winter become a layering hero.

You can pair it with your work attire, casual sweaters, any kind of jacket and even formal suits.

If you’re looking for ideas, here’s how to style a V-neck shirt for the fall and winter.

V-neck shirts in fall and winter


One thing that a V-neck does better than any other tee is creating an optical illusion that you’re taller and slimmer. This works great even if you’re using it as a base for layering.

That’s why a V-neck is your go-to for any layering, from a blazer to a cardigan to a flannel shirt.

V-necks are also great at keeping us warm under hoodies or sweaters without peeking out of the collar (that’s a fashion faux pas).

Lastly, this tee always looks put together and great on its own, which means if it gets warm in the room, you can take the top layer off without feeling embarrassed about what’s under it.

Get the right V-neck

As with any piece of clothing, you need to know a few things to ensure you look good in it. Grabbing the first thing on the rack rarely does the trick!

As the focus point o the V-neck is the V cut, make sure you get the right depth. You don’t want the deep Jersey Shore-inspired cut that will expose half of your chest, but you also don’t want a V cut that’s barely there!

Put it on and find the golden middle! Also, take note of how it fits. While V-necks are designed to be tighter than, e.g. crews, you again want to avoid the “bro” look. That doesn’t mean that you need to size up; simply make sure there’s enough room to breathe, but that your body is highlighted in all the right places too.

Our best recommendation is to choose trusted brands with high-quality v-neck t-shirts like FreshCleanTees, as it will take away a lot of the guesswork!

How to style a V-neck tee for the cold season


Now that we’ve covered the bases and you have the suitable V-neck (hopefully in more than one colour), let’s move on to styling.

In the cold season, your tee will mostly serve as the base for layering, and, boy, there are some great outfits for you to try!

T-shirt, denim shirt, jeans and sneakers

Let’s start with a casual outfit that might as well become one of your favourite everyday looks. Denim on denim can be a slippery slope sometimes, but only if your tops and bottoms match.

Pair your white or grey V-neck with, e.g. beige denim trousers, throw on an unbuttoned faded black or blue shirt, your favourite sneakers, and you’re set!

T-shirt, cardigan, coat and Chelsea boots


On colder days, you’ll need a little bit more than just a shirt, so we suggest pairing your favourite V-neck with a nice, classic cardigan and an unbuttoned coat.

We recommend going for some nice, earthy colours like e.g. a burgundy tee, deep chocolate cardigan and grey pants.

Pair this look with suede Chelsea boots and a grey, black or checkered coat for a complete outfit.

T-shirt, wool trousers, V-neck sweater and sneakers

One of our favourite things to wear in fall and winter are wool trousers. They elevate any outfit and make us feel like a sexy college professor.

There are plenty of styles, colours and patterns, but we recommend going for some base colours like grey, brown or beige.

Add a V-neck tee as the base for your top layers and a V-neck sweater for warmth. You can always take the sweater off if it gets hot and still looks great.

Lastly, we suggest nice leather sneakers to make this look more playful, but if you’re not up for it, any Derby or Oxford shoes will work too!

T-shirt, blue denim trousers and a tweed jacket


Jeans offer the ultimate comfort and style when appropriately chosen. We suggest dark blue tailored jeans instead of anything ripped or acid-washed.

Add a V-neck and your outfit is complete (just ask Marlon Brando or James Dean), but because it’s the fall, let’s add some warmth with a tweed jacket.

Nothing represents autumn better than tweed, but it can get a little stiff, and that’s where your jeans and V-neck come in to lighten things up.

T-shirt, chinos, plaid shirt and boots

Nothing beats a plaid shirt when it comes to comfort, but pairing it with a V-neck tee and chinos adds style to the mix too.

We love to play with colours in this case, so try to colour coordinate all your items. For example, for an autumnal look, why not opt for olive chinos, a burgundy-blue shirt and a lovely grey or white V-neck under it?

You can wear the shirt buttoned or unbuttoned and even add a scarf if you’re feeling artsy! Lastly, brown boots will complete the look.

T-shirt, coloured chinos and a bomber jacket


Another great way to style your chinos and a V-neck look is simply adding a bomber jacket to the mix!

This outfit is perfect for running errands on a cool autumn’s day or grabbing a coffee in the city park.

We love white leather sneakers and sunnies to complete to look.

T-shirt, zip hoodie and sweatpants

Loungewear is back and stronger than ever. It’s acceptable again to wear sweats outside of your home (not to work or dinner, though), and this gives you additional styling options when you just want to be comfortable.

Our suggestion is getting tailored sweatpants instead of the baggy, shapeless ones, adding a nice V-neck, fitted zip hoodie and your favourite sneakers to the mix. You’re ready for your weekend in nature or grabbing a quick lunch at an outdoor cafe!

Don’t be afraid to play with colours and expand outside the grey and black comfort zone.