Lock Picking ─ A Step-by-step Guide to Summoning a Locksmith

Lock picking, whether it’s for an apartment door or a car, is not always associated with criminal activity. For example, losing keys, malfunction of the locking mechanism, vandalism, or key theft (in which case, in addition to picking, lock replacement is also required).

Few people plan to find themselves in a situation where they are standing at the door, searching their pockets for lost keys, or unable to open the door. It’s important to be prepared if you lose your keys, or can’t open a lock that should have been repaired long ago.

To change or not to change?

There are several scenarios when replacing the secret part of a lock, the cylinder is highly recommended.

Firstly, in the case of lost keys. Even if you are sure that the key simply fell out of your pocket and no one intentionally stole it, it is advisable to replace the lock cylinder. It is quick and inexpensive, and you will have peace of mind.

Some models of locking mechanisms are not repairable, or it is easier to replace them than to repair them.

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Who Should Handle Lock Picking?

Certainly, for such a specific task, it is better to involve professionals from specialized services. Ordinary locksmiths, and even rescuers, though capable of picking locks, often do it unskillfully in practice, not overly concerned about the subsequent expenses for the door owner.

How to Summon a Locksmith

  1. Start by searching for a service in your city. Choose a service with a large team on duty and a 24/7 schedule. Follow this link to get more info https://spb.ok-locks.ru/.
  2. Call the dispatcher’s contact phone, who accepts requests, and describe the situation. If you know the lock model, it’s an additional plus, as the dispatcher can provide an approximate cost. Also, ask the locksmith what documents to prepare for the specialist’s arrival.
  3. It’s good if, during the application process, you clarify whether you need a lock replacement (secret part).
  4. After confirming the request, it will be transferred to the locksmith. Typically, the locksmith arrives immediately, equipped with everything necessary to work with the specific lock model and solve the tasks (picking, replacement, disassembly of the door, and lock repair).
  5. The waiting time for the locksmith depends on the chosen service and the call address. In most cases, the locksmith arrives at the client within 30 minutes if there are no traffic jams on the road.
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How the Locksmith Works

It all starts with an inspection of the “scene” and a conversation with the client. At this stage, the locksmith provides the exact cost of the work, taking into account components if needed.

At the initial stage, the specialist ensures that they can pick the door legally and that the client has proof of ownership of the property or vehicle.

Then the locksmith can enter into an agreement, outlining the responsibilities of the parties, service costs, guarantees, and other details.

The lock-picking process takes from 5 minutes for standard serial locks to one and a half hours if the locksmith has to deal with something non-standard.

After picking (or replacing) the lock, the locksmith ensures that access to the property is restored, the client makes the payment, and receives a completed work report.