Maldives Liveaboards: A Unique Way to Explore the Maldives and Its Islands In 2024

There’s no arguing the fact that the Maldives is one of the most exotic destinations that everyone loves to explore. The sparkling blue water of the Indian Ocean, multiple islands, and exquisite villa resorts make the Maldives the perfect tourist destination that you can explore with family and friends. However, its exotic tourist attractions aren’t the only reason why the Maldives welcomes an influx of tourists every year.

While many people don’t know about it, Maldives is also famous for scuba diving adventure. With some of the most appealing coral reefs and marine biodiversity, Maldives is not short of an oasis for every avid diver. But, what makes the Maldives more suitable for divers is the liveaboard vacation. In addition to regular one-day dives, you can also book dedicated Maldives liveaboards and go on dives in some of the more remote locations that aren’t accessible via one-day diving trips.

What are Liveaboards and Why They Should Be On Your Bucket List?


If you aren’t familiar with liveaboard diving, here’s what you should know. A liveaboard safari is simply a holiday where you spend anywhere between 5-14 days on a boat and go on multiple dives every single day.

Unlike one-day dives, liveaboards allow you to explore remote diving destinations where regular tourists don’t reach. As a result, you can explore some of the untouched parts of the ocean and gain more diving experience. There are many online platforms like where you can find a wide variety of liveaboard adventures and choose the one that best suits your budget and diving requirements. If anything, it’ll help you meet divers from different parts of the globe and hear their stories.

But, the real question is why the Maldives is the perfect destination for liveaboard vacations? The truth is the Maldives is securely tucked within the Indian ocean. Since it’s a collection of small atolls, you can explore the best diving destinations and their different marine biodiversity.

Some of the other factors that make Maldives liveaboards a great adventure include:

1. Pocket-Friendly


While this may seem a bit hard to digest, Maldives liveaboards are quite affordable so much so that you can complete a week-long liveaboard vacation under $1,500. Unlike the traditional honeymoon and vacation packages, liveaboards don’t burn a hole in the traveler’s pocket.

Even if you are a budget traveler, going on a liveaboard cruise will cost you way less than spending an entire week in an exotic Maldivian hotel. And, since you won’t have to deal with the crowded tourist destinations, the Maldives liveaboards will be completely worth the expense.

2. Diversity

If you already don’t know, the Maldives houses more than 1,000 islands, and only 1/10th of them are inhabited. It means if you choose to go on a Maldives liveaboard trip, you’ll be able to explore some of the remote destinations scattered across the Indian Ocean that aren’t accessible to regular tourists.

All these remote diving destinations have coral reefs which will allow you to get closer to marine life and explore the depths of the ocean. And, if you are a travel influencer or Instagrammer, you’ll be able to take highly captivating photos on every dive and make your experience more memorable.

3. Big Marine Life


The Maldives are in close-proximity to the deep water of the Indian Ocean. This means the atolls are directly accessible for oceanic megafauna and scuba divers have the opportunity to catch sight of something truly spectacular, such as tiger and thresher sharks, hammerheads, whale sharks and manta rays. The island nation has banned shark fishing for many years and the country is known as one of the best places in the world for encounters with big marine life.

4. Socialize With Other Divers

In general, a liveaboard boat has anywhere between 8-20 people who have the same passion for diving as you. And, since you’ll be spending several days with these people, you’ll be able to make new friends from different corners of the globe and listen to their crazy diving stories.

Not to mention, the conversations over dinner while looking at the starry sky and a magical horizon will give you memories of a lifetime. In simple words, a liveaboard cruise in the Maldives will allow you to escape your mundane life and the jam-packed tourist destinations while meeting like-minded people who also love exploring the depths of the ocean.

5. Perfect for Solo Travelers


Solo travelers usually travel on a tight budget. They don’t have the money to book expensive day trips and usually don’t want to explore crowded tourist destinations either. In such a situation, liveaboard tours can be a great choice for solo travelers who don’t have a hefty vacation budget.

Many tour operators offer exclusive discounts for solo travelers. If you can grab such deals, your entire trip would cost nearly $150 per day. As a result, you’ll be able to gain a one-of-a-kind experience while keeping your overall expense as minimum as possible.

What’s the Best Time to Book a Maldives Liveaboard?

So, now that you know the top reasons why liveaboard trips are one of the best ways to explore the Maldives, let’s take a look at what’s the best time to go there.

While the liveaboard vacations are available 365 days a year, December-May is the best overall period if you want to explore the true beauty of the Maldives. During this period, the ocean is quite calm so there aren’t any big waves. Not to mention, the temperature stays cool during the evenings and the visibility of the water is pretty clear at the same time.

And, since some fish species visit the Maldives during peak months, you’ll be able to spot some of the most exquisite creatures of the marine world.