Monitoring Your Child’s Text Messages – Parental Guide 2023

Cell phone monitoring is of great importance in this digital era. If you are not tracking your kids’ mobile phones, you are making them vulnerable to cyberbullying, scamming, online child predation, and innumerable threats. The unsupervised and uncontrolled mobile phone use can make your kids suffer from several physicals, mental and psychological issues. It can also have a negative impact on their social and behavioral skills.

This article discusses how parents can track their kids’ mobile phones and watch out their text messages without accessing their devices.

Mobile Phone Monitoring and Parental Control App

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The mobile phone tracker app has made child monitoring convenient. Parents can keep an eye on their kids remaining anywhere in the world. The working parents can supervise their kids direct from their workplaces by remaining virtually present around children. The mobile monitoring and parental control app of TheOneSpy allows parents to use their kids’ mobile phones as spying gadgets. You can get their devices installed with spy software to keep a secret eye on your loved ones. The app lets you know where your kids are and what they are doing, talking, watching or typing.

Monitor Text Messages

The cell phone surveillance app lets you access important data stored on your kid’s phone. This data also includes text messages. You can find out what messages your kid has received and what he has sent. You can access all messages stored in the inbox and outbox of your kid’s android phone.

To monitor your kid’s messages, you do not need to access their mobile phones repeatedly. Get their mobile devices installed with tracker app and monitor every text message right from the web portal if the app. After installation on the targeted phone, the parental control app gets access to incoming and outgoing text messages and uploads these messages to the web portal of the app.

Parents can log into the web portal through any computer or mobile phone browser. They can also install the TOS navigator app on their phones to access all messages without logging into the web portal.

Monitor MMS

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As well as text messages, you can keep tabs on multimedia messages received and transmitted by your kids. The app automatically creates an online backup of incoming and outgoing MMS. Parents can access this backup and retrieve deleted MMS anytime through the web portal or navigator app. If your kid is receiving bullying MMS from someone, you can detect it and take necessary measures to protect your kid from bullying.

Track Instant Messages

The cell phone parental control app lets you supervise the use of popular instant messengers. It includes WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, Line, Snapchat, Skype, IMO, Viber, Telegram, Kik and many other widely used instant messaging apps. The monitoring of these apps lets you find out stuff related to online harassment, child predation and scamming. The threatening messages sent by a bully can also be detected with the help of the message tracker app. You can see every photo, video, sticker, emoticons or stuff exchanged with your children via commonly used instant messaging apps.

Access SMS Logs

The spy app for android lets you know who your kids are in contact with. You can access the contact information of message senders and receivers. The cell phone surveillance app syncs SMS logs and uploads them to the web portal from where you can access and review it anytime.

Block Messages Remotely

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If you are concerned about the unusual texting behavior of your kid, the parental control app allows limiting the mobile phone use and block messages. The feature of message blocking is effective to restrict your kid from using a phone and exchanging text messages while driving. If your kid is driving at high speed, the app automatically blocks messaging to discourage texting while driving. The app offers several other features to ensure your kid’s protection in the online and offline world.