Multiple Benefits Of Paint By Numbers To Your Mental Health

Nowadays, stress and anxiety take a huge part in our life, and in the last two years, we can blame it on the pandemic. Many people really faced plenty of issues due to the stress that came together with the fear and risks this situation brought. So, we needed to find something that will help us cope with the anxiety and make us feel better. Since people were shut at their homes for days, they were trying to find something exciting and entertaining. Some of us started writing, others re-discovered their talents for singing, painting, or creating clothes and jewelry. There is a part of the people who used that time to find their new interests, some of them were gambling, others were reading books, and taking care of the plants. But, do you know that there are a lot of people who enjoy one particular artistic activity, known as a painting by numbers.

Each shape is marked with a number, and the number refers to a color. All the shapes and colors may not make sense, but when you put them all together, you will end up with a masterpiece you will be able to put on the wall in your living room. And yes, you will be able to tell the guests you painted it by yourself. Many people find this type of art relaxing, and good to relieve stress. We often think these games are for children, but adults also claim the paintings by numbers kits help them reduce stress and boost the cognitive response.

Art is great for our brain and is the best option possible to improve our mental health by doing something we really enjoy, and creating a masterpiece to appreciate. And here are some of the benefits for your mental health.

1. It helps you relax, meditate, and calm down


Painting with numbers can come with different colors, brushes, and shapes. Sometimes it can be a landscape, skyline of a city, or an abstract shape that makes sense after it’s completely colored. As you choose the right colors, you have a chance to focus on the painting and briefly forget about the everyday problems you have. That will help you calm down, renew your thinking process, meditate, clear your mind, and boost your ability to think reasonably. After that, you will be surprised by how better you will feel.

Sometimes the canvas is big enough, so you can paint for days. That is ensuring you a few days of relaxing and mediation. That’s why the adults choose mandalas or painting by numbers, so they can focus on the art and get inspired by it.

2. It helps you to be more confident

Once you realize you are creating something big and beautiful, you are becoming more confident in what you do, and you will also perform better with your other tasks. Confident people are good at what they do because they don’t let the negative feelings mess with your mind. After you complete the painting, you will get that unique feeling of confidence and satisfaction with yourself. And that’s really beautiful. This type of art will help you get self-aware of your emotions, skills, and boost your self-confidence. And combined with your hard work – it’s more than obvious that it only brings benefits to the people.

3. It can help you cope with depression


Depression is the worst thing in the world because you don’t see any reason to exist, to love, and to be loved. It’s one of the hardest issues you may have, and no words are able to describe how it feels. Some people decide to reduce it by dedicating their time and skills to art. On the other hand, you are getting more tolerant of other people and their issues. You won’t ignore them when they have issues, but the control over the empathy will help you give them enough support, without turning their problem into yours.

4. Better memory and problem-solving skills

People who are focused on specific tasks will train their brains to remember the details, so they can recall them when needed. And that’s how our memory works. As you are focused on the details of the painting, you will be able to do that with the other aspects of your life. Also, paintings by numbers can help adult people keep their brains in a good condition as they get older. And when you have a good memory, you can easily resolve complicated problems, by recalling the patterns and developing creative solutions. That’s a lot, knowing that it’s just a painting. But, the benefits are limitless.

Bonus benefit for your mental health: It improves the coordination between your brain and hands, and helps you make better decisions. At the same time, that means it improves some of your motor skills too.

5. You practice patience


There are a lot of small details you need to work on until the painting is done, and that helps you to focus on them, but also to be very patient. Impatient people will immediately give up on the painting, but those who are focused and organized will take their time and work very hard until they are ready to hold their masterpiece. Patient people are able to maintain better mental health, but also to focus on the important aspects of the things they do, without giving any piece of their attention to the others.


Painting by numbers is good for so many reasons, and even though we mentioned only a few of them, there are many other benefits as a result of it. If you still haven’t tried them, we highly recommend ordering one. Who knows, maybe it will help you get closer to the other family members if you all decide to work on the same canvas.

We don’t say that it’s a miraculous solution – but we are sure that it’s worth giving a try. We are sure that you will be satisfied with the result.