Natural Dishwasher Pods: an Eco-Friendly Solution for Your Kitchen

Over the last decades the dishwasher has become one of the most important appliances in every kitchen. It is usually used on a daily basis and helps reduce time spent in the kitchen. Although almost all of us use it, we often don’t realize that popular dishwasher pods can be dangerous for us and for the natural environment. However, more and more detergent manufacturers are aware of that and are creating products which are much more eco-friendly. Do you want to know which substances to avoid in dishwasher tablets? Stay with us, learn more about natural dishwasher detergents and discover some popular examples of state-of-the-art eco-friendly dishwasher tablet alternatives.

Why should I avoid popular dishwasher agents?


Natural dishwasher detergents have been designed for all conscious consumers who know what the risks of using traditional cleaning products can be. You have probably already heard that detergents such as laundry powder or toilet cleaners can be harmful, but have you ever been told that conventional dishwasher detergents can also contain some dangerous substances? Some common ingredients used in these products include: phosphates, bleaching agents, alkaline salts, anti-corrosion agents, anti-foaming agents, special additives for glazed ceramics, starches, perfumes and even sand… The list is countless, and you may really be surprised with what can be found inside your dishwasher pods!

What is the risk of using products which include such substances?


It is worth to know the consequences of using traditional cleaning products. Let’s look at some harmful chemicals, which contains.

First of all – phosphates. They are responsible for the eutrophication process. Algae bloom in our water take away oxygen from fish. Of course, phosphates goes into sewage farms, where they should be decomposed into compounds, which are not harmful to the environment. In practice, it’s hard to believe, that sewage plants are 100% effective. Let’s go further.

Bleaching agents – the great unknown. Some are good for the environment, some don’t, and some aren’t sure… Who of us likes using unknown substances in our kitchen?

Perfumes? They often contain dozens of different chemicals – harmful to humans, such as coumarin. They are mostly synthetic, so they can sensitize and lead to skin problems.

This is just a piece of harmful substances which have a real impact on the environment and our health.

Eco-friendly dishwasher tablets – are they worth trying?


Dishwashing detergents are meant not only to clean your plates, pots, utensils and silverware. They also have to protect the interior of the machine against rust and break down food particles so that it is always clean. Even though detergents contained in tablets are present in low concentrations, they can be left on the surface of your plates after washing. Fortunately, there are some all-natural dishwasher detergents that are free from these substances. How is that possible? They are made of eco-friendly, plant and mineral-derived ingredients that are much more safe for us and our natural environment.

What is the best natural dishwasher detergent?


If you want to know what the best natural dishwasher detergent is, the answer is

really simple: the one which contains only 100% eco-friendly ingredients. There are many products on the market which are only seemingly all-natural, e.g. the producers declare that their eco-friendly dishwasher tablets include 94 or 95% of natural substances. The question is what is hidden in the remaining 5%.

Let’s now discover some popular examples of natural dishwasher detergents which are free from chemicals and artificial substances:

  • AspenClean Natural Dishwasher Pods Unscented

AspenClean Dishwasher Pods Eco-friendly, Natural. Non-toxic

These natural dishwasher pods combine two features that each cleaning detergent should possess: they are both powerful and eco-friendly. They are EcoCert® certified, which proves that they meet the highest ecological standards. They are made with plant and mineral-derived ingredients that are tough on grease, safe for hands as well as septic tanks. They maintain the same cleaning capabilities as conventional dishwasher pods but respect the environment and can be used with low temperature washing cycles. They are unscented so that they don’t contain redundant aromas which can trigger allergies.

  • Seventh Generation Natural Automatic Dishwasher Packs

Similarly to AspenClean products, this natural dishwasher detergent is made of plant and mineral-derived ingredients and has no synthetic fragrances. The product removes grease and grime and is scented with natural essential oils and extracts. It features a bio-degradable formula and leaves your dishes clean, shiny and without any food particles. The product is sold in the form of convenient eco-friendly dishwasher tablets with biodegradable film.

Check the ingredients of your dishwasher pods!


Now you know which types of natural dishwasher detergents are recommended. If you are still wondering whether you should replace your current tablets, carefully read the list of ingredients. You will probably find at least a few dangerous ones inside. Now suppose that your child or pet finds a tablet lying around somewhere and eats it. The combination of such strong cleaning agents, additives and other chemicals can be poisonous! This can instantly make your child struggle to breathe and burn their ingestion system. Of course, no dishwasher tablet is made for swallowing and even natural dishwasher tablets can pose danger, but the combination of such strong chemicals can really cause deadly damage!