Package does Not Arrive – What Can you Do?

For the recipient, it is of course extremely annoying when his long-awaited package does not arrive.

If the shipment is not only affected by a delay but does not arrive at all, a look at the shipment tracking can show at which point of the shipping process exactly the package disappeared. However, this is usually only possible if an insured shipment was made.

Follow-up request – Who is responsible?

If the recipient suspects that his shipment has been lost, the first step is to contact the sender. The sender must be asked when and how the package was sent. If it is an insured parcel, it is possible to initiate an investigation. As a rule, however, this is only possible after a few days. There is a very high possibility that the shipment has been delayed, so it may take several more days for the parcel to be delivered.

Sometimes, it is best to just be patient.


In principle, only the sender of the parcel is in a position to submit a follow-up request, as this is the actual contractual partner of the parcel service provider. There are only a few parcel services that also allow the recipient to initiate the investigation.

However, if a commercial online retailer refuses to submit an investigation request, recipients may also have the right to make claims against the parcel service.

You can track Yun Express packages here: if you wonder where it is at any moment.

Cancellation form

For these kinds of situations, the customer is protected by a set of rights. You are legally allowed to cancel the shipment, or rather the goods within the first month of the expected date delivery.

After the cancellation, you should be getting a refund in the next one or two weeks. If you do not, we recommend contacting customer support for further information. The commercial online retailer must oblige to this refund.


Before sending a cancellation form, we recommend using one of the many cancellation form templates found online. This is an important step of the cancellation process to ensure that every single bit of information on that document is correct and properly input. Thus, the retailer won’t be able to use your form as evidence against you (if it comes to that).

Liability for insured parcels

If an insured parcel does not arrive at its recipient, the value of the goods can be claimed by the sender from the parcel service. However, the value is usually limited to 500 euros. The exact information on this can be found in the respective general terms and conditions of the service provider.

In order to be able to provide proof of the value of the goods that were in the lost parcel, the receipt or another receipt should be available, for example.

If the goods were purchased as part of a commercial sale, recipients do not have to pay for goods that have been lost. They can thus claim the purchase price back from the seller, since the retailer generally bears the transport risk.


However, the situation is different in the case of a private sale. The risk for the shipment then lies with the recipient, so that the recipient cannot claim a refund of the purchase price, provided that the private seller proves that he handed over the package to the service provider.

Loss of uninsured shipments

As a general rule, goods that have a certain value should always be sent insured. Tracking and tracing is not possible in the case of uninsured shipments.

If an uninsured letter or parcel is lost in this way, the parcel service is not liable and the recipient must accept the damage. The only exception to this rule is in cases where the delivery service can be clearly shown to have made a mistake or omitted to deliver the parcel.

Loss of parcel after delivery

However, cases are also conceivable in which the parcel was demonstrably sent and also delivered by the service provider. However, if the parcel cannot be found, the situation is of course particularly annoying.

In such a case, the parcel service is only liable if it can be proven that it negligently left the parcel on the doorstep or in another unsafe place.


If the parcel is accepted by a neighbor and is then lost or damaged, the neighbor is only liable if he has acted negligently. This means that the neighbor must not leave the parcel unguarded outside the front door, but must hand it over safely to its rightful owner.

Preventative Measures

If everything fails and you simply cannot come to an agreement for a refund or for an investigation for your package, there may not be a lot more you can do. You could make claims against the online retailer and take this to court, but that is a much more complicated topic for another day.

But, what you can do now is learn the preventative measures to make sure that this never happens to you again.

First, we recommend insuring any kind of product you are purchasing. Of course, only if the price makes sense.

Second, only buy from popular and reliable online stores. There are tons of respectable online retailers on the Internet, but there are also a lot of fake, scam or unregulated websites. Avoid those completely.


And finally, only buy from legitimate sellers. To ensure that you are buying from such a seller, you can rely on the quality and number of reviews. Rely on those that have hundreds of (mostly) positive reviews and avoid those with only a few negative reviews.

In conclusion

What needs to be done in these situations depends on a lot of different factors. Every situation is unique in its own way. It can be just a simple delay in shipping or it could be that the parcel was lost.

Whatever it is, you can follow this article as a guide on what you should or shouldn’t do to make sure you get your package or at least a refund.