Pros and Cons of Being a Surrogate Mother

For many, the opportunity of taking on surrogacy is still a pretty sensitive and unknown topic to talk about, as it is not very spread around the world, and many countries have still not legalized it. That is why as well many women are afraid of becoming a surrogate as they do not know what they will meet there. However, in an agency like “Parens Fertility” you will get to familiarize yourself with both pros and cons of being a surrogacy with your own eggs.

Surrogate Motherhood – Advantages

We can assure you that there are more pros to it like:

  1. Becoming a part of a community – being a surrogate isn’t just about carrying a child for people that have taken on the surrogacy services. It is about women, doctors, and overall the team that surrounds you when you are in agencies. It is not only about medical support but as well about the assistance that you get from other people, especially from surrogates. One can receive so much through all the new relationships and friendships that you can build. Many surrogates say that every risk is worth the experience; even if at the start you may not use all the advantages of making new contacts, it will surely be needed in the future.
  2. Financial support – it is undeniably true that receiving money is a great addition to surrogacy, and as well for many participants, it is the main reason why they go for it. It is actually interesting how often, at first, surrogates come just for money, but when the experience ends, they cherish it much more than just the financial award. But it is true that money is a big benefit. The emotional side of surrogacy is also viable. Though surrogacy is not a cheap service, as it requires many payments for different professionals and needs, the surrogate always receives a larger amount of it. The financial contracts are always transparent and clear.
  3. Helping others – the most rewarding part of the experience is to see happy parents that eventually cannot thank you enough. Most of the time, surrogacy services are used by couples who cannot have a child naturally, whether it is because of infertility or in a same-sex marriage; such couples are especially grateful to surrogates. To have an opportunity of becoming a father or a mother thanks to this gestational discovery is a gift, and because they are so happy with the outcome, many parents keep in touch with their surrogates for a long time after the process. So making people happy is simply a very rewarding feeling, giving them something they just couldn’t have.
  4. Safety – surrogates are always fully safe when it comes to having a gestational procedure. Doctors and psychologists and other workers are in constant contact with surrogates, so whenever they have a problem of any kind, they can ask professionals for help. They are always in good hands, and the intended family is safe because of the surroundings they are working with and what is being made. Doctors try to avoid any health risks, to keep everything done properly in our agency “Parens Fertility.”

As you can see, even though the emotional surrogacy process has this reputation of making babies for money, it is so much more than that. And in the end, everything happens to make others happy and to make everyone benefit from it.

Surrogate Motherhood – Disadvantages

Although the results will be rewarding, there are as well some cons to surrogates. That can not be excluded:

  1. Pregnancy is a struggle – no matter how easy it might be for a surrogate, the body always goes through a lot of stress and changes. It is false to say that someone could have it without any traces because these changes affect a woman internally, like her organs, but it is hard for her spine, and it is always difficult to get back in shape. Yes, most women do recover after a surrogacy successfully. It is hard work for doctors to help her, as for herself to keep her health on track. To be pregnant takes a lot of health.
  2. Troubles with close people and family – unfortunately, even in the 21st century, many people are not fans of surrogacy, which makes it hard to accept with your close ones. It is important to know how to communicate this. Many people think that surrogacy is something unnatural. If someone can’t have children, it’s their fate – but it is a very selfish belief because today’s discoveries allow everyone to live a happy and full life.
  3. Long medical checkups – surrogacy is no joke, and to avoid any risks, surrogates and intended parents go through a lot of checkups, and one has to be ready for constant doctor appointments. It gets very hard and is often an obstacle for many to be regular at a doctor’s office. Thus it is needed, and by no means can it be avoided. Pregnant women have to be checked all the time.

Even though such disadvantages exist, it is possible to overcome them and become a part of this journey. Finding parents, meeting with them, an experience like that is especially interesting and rewarding.