The Complete Road Trip Camping Packing Checklist – 2023 Guide

As soon as the first signs of good weather appear, many people start to plan where they will spend their first upcoming vacation. However, after you determined the destination for your trip, it is important to get ready in the right way and pack all the essentials with you.

You must prepare for the journey, depending on the destination you are going to, and what kind of weather is waiting for you there. You should also check a weather forecast for that destination so you will get all of the necessary equipment and prevent any unpleasant situation.

Today, the market is full of various accessories, and you can easily find everything you need in the nearest mall, or by visiting some online store that is selling road trip accessories. If you are planning to go on a road camping trip, here are some of the most important things that should find a place in your trunk.

Valid Documents

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There are many cases where people are packing in a rush and accidentally forget some of their important documents, which could get them in some unpleasant situation. For example, if you are leaving the country, check twice for your passport, and its expiring date. Otherwise, the border police will take you back.

Also, check for other documents such as license and registration of your vehicle, the insurance policy of your car, and important contact numbers. Furthermore, you should never get on a trip without a spare tire and emergency kit. The emergency kit is a box with lights sticks, rain poncho, reflective vest, battery booster cables, window breaker, triangle, and many other necessities that could help you in some accident.

Attach a Bike Rack on Your Vehicle

Most of the standard vehicles don`t have enough space inside for a bike. Luckily, with a bike rack as an add-on, that you can attach in the backside of your vehicle, you will be able to take one or two bikes with yourself on a camping trip. Many peoples love taking their bikes on a tour like a camping trip, where you can combine hiking and cycling if there are decent roads.

There are many types and manufacturers of various bike racks on the market. And if you are interested in buying one, you should check, where you can find many reviews about all kinds of bike racks, their quality, and durability. Check this out too for more information.

Accessories for Communication and Entertainment

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First of all, try not to forget the phone charger, because you don`t want to end up in the middle of nowhere with the empty phone, and disabled to communicate, especially in some emergency. Also, there are many types of chargers that you can attach to your vehicle.

Furthermore, to make your trip more comfortable and amusing, especially if you are traveling with your friends or family, get some Bluetooth or wireless hands-free device that would allow you to play your favorite songs. You can also upload some audiobooks on your phone and learn something during your ride.

From other accessories that you should wear, don`t forget your camera if you are a fan of photography, portable Wi-Fi if you are going to be in roaming, few books and travel games will also add a lot to your entertainment.

Pack Personal Hygiene Items

It is also very important to take with you some of your stuff, such as sunscreen, body wipes, lip balm, hair ties, hairbrush, toothpaste, and toothbrush. Also, take some tissues and a toiletry bag where you can store all of your hygiene items in one place.

Wearing a toiletry bag with you is especially important if you are going on a camping trip in an area where there are no malls or local stores. It would be very much annoying if you have to drive back to the nearest store just to buy a toothbrush or tissues.

Items for Improved Comfort


When you are going on vacation, the main and most important thing is to feel satisfied and comfortable. Many items could help you improve your trip. Get an extra day pack bag, where you can store some blanket, pillow, mug, water bottle, hand sanitizer, mints, some painkiller just in case that you have a headache or a toothache.

Furthermore, take sunglasses for you and your passengers, especially for one on the front, and put some window shade on the side windows. Nonetheless, you should always check twice when you are packing, because you don`t want to let some trifle to affect your good mood during your camping trip.

Other Important Items

You should plan your packing for vacation for more than one day because there are so many items that you will need to pack, and each one of them can improve your mood or security on the road. For example, always carry some paper map with you, in case that there is no connection in some area. You can also download some offline maps for your smartphone.

Also, take some spare money, especially if there are no ATMs in the area that you are visiting, so you can pay the road toll and parking. Never forget your first aid, bug spray, water, flashlight, and a toilet roll. Additionally, if you are going to some colder area, always wear some ice scraper, umbrella, and a snow shovel in your trunk.

From other necessities, choose items by the area that you are visiting. If you are going on a camping trip in some isolated area without local stores, always carry a lot of food and water, some snacks, garbage bags, and some pocket knife, which can always be useful on trips like that.

Also, if there are a possibility and enough place in your vehicle, install a car cooler, or take some portable mini freezer with you. By taking a cooler, you could store a lot of food and beverages and keep them cold. Also, you could take some meat in your freezer, and make some barbecue on your camping vacation.