The Ultimate Guide On Packing And Moving Your Expensive Apparel

While packing the entire home belongings, you might be struggling to pack expensive apparel. From delicate pieces of clothes to hanging expensive clothes, you need to pack and transport all these. People took a lot of time in figuring out the right method to pack their apparel, therefore, the process takes a longer time. The people who are moving for the first time find it the most complicated process. Here are some tips from the best out of state movers associated with

1. Sort and de-clutter your clothes


Packing old and retired clothing will only increase the weight of moving stuff and will burden your budget. Keep in mind that there will be clothes which do not have the same importance anymore. Therefore, go and look around your closet. Sort your clothes and footwear according to the season and material. The best method to sort the clothing is by season and by piece. After you are done with sorting, now it is time to decide which item you want to take with you to your new house and which you want to leave behind. Keep those clothes that are in good condition and still fit. Get rid of worn-out clothing by donating or selling them. Organizing your inventory makes it very easy and hence is a must to do.

2. Selecting the right method

The selection of a particular packing method depends on the type of your clothing you requires to pack. Like for some items like folded clothing items using cardboard moving boxes, suitcases, or duffel bags are a good idea. Heavy clothes such as blazers or jackets can be condensed in vacuum bags. Special boxes or bags might be required for transportation of special items if there is risk of damaging the shape of certain pieces.

3. Collect packing supplies

Specific materials are used to pack items effectively and efficiently. There are certain items that you should collect first before you start packing your apparel such as cardboard boxes of different sizes according to requirements to pack shoes, clothes, and so on, suitcases, wardrobe boxes, compression bags, packing paper, tape, garment bags, travel or duffel bags, plastic wraps and so on. According to the items you have to pack, you should collect packing supplies.

4. Prepare essential clothing


After completing your move when you finally reach your new home, you won’t be able to unpack the boxes, therefore, it is recommended you prepare a separate suitcase which contains a few pairs of clothing items for you. In this, you just pack the clothing in which you feel comfortable regardless of the fact whether these are expensive or not. Apart from a pair of clothes, you should also pack shoes for the entire family, socks, and pajamas to sleep at night with ease.

5. Do pack your off-season clothing in advance

Always remember not to leave anything for the last minute. Once you are done with organizing the clothing, start packing your clothing you might not use within four-five months after arriving at your new home in advance. Do not forget to label the moving boxes containing your off-season clothing so that you remember not to unpack them right away. Make sure to provide extra protection to these items against moisture and pests as the clothing will be stored for much time.

6. The organization is the key

You need to organize all your expensive apparel. You should divide items into categories like delicate items which you wore just on occasions should be kept aside from others. Make categories of clothes and then start packing. You should pack the delicate ones in a different bag and the other once in a different bag. This eliminates the case of bad smell that comes from the fresh newly pieces which were in boxes since a long time.

7. Packing footwear


You may be tempted to pack all your footwear in a duffel bag and carry them this way at your new home. But it is not the right way as footwear tends to quickly lose its shape. Therefore, you should give enough time on packing the footwear properly to save yourself from any loss when shifting them. You should stuff your footwear, especially shoes with newspaper or packing paper so that their shape remains intact. Then wrap them using a newspaper and place them in a hard cardboard box.

8. Packing leather & fur

Both leather and fur are sensitive items and they can sustain damage from change in temperature. The moisture trapped in the packing sheets and storage units can also affect the stuff adversely. The best way to preserve your expensive fur and leather is to carry them with you instead of packing them in moving boxes and transporting at the back of the truck.

9. Packing and moving hats

If you are someone fond of wearing and collecting hats, you must know that the best way of moving them is in their original box. You can always try and pack two hats in one box. Do not forget to use tissue for wrapping the hats and then place them in the moving boxes. Keep the box exclusively for packing hats and do not add anything else. Protect the hats and keep them on top of other items.

10. Procedure to follow


Before you pack anything, you should clean the entire apparel. This is just the perfect time for dry cleaning the clothes if you have some clothes pending. This also helps in reducing the area occupied by items into the moving truck which helps you to load more items into the same truck in the same area.

Make sure you fold the clothes properly. This not only makes everything organized and easy but also the clothes will not get dirty during transportation and can be transported safely and in the same condition as before.

And then choose the best container and pack these. To retain the shape of expensive apparel don’t forget to wrap around and provide enough padding.