Top 7 Most Effective Marketing Strategies In 2023

There are quite a lot of good practices to promote your business online. But the most effective marketing strategy is the one that smartly matches the best digital opportunities with the specifics of your product or service and the expectations of your users.

In this overview, we suggest taking a look at seven effective and trendy tactics to make some noise around your business.

1. Let the Content Marketing Rule

Content marketing is an ultimate strategy that covers content creation for your blog, landing pages, guest, and social media posts, and this list can be continued. This is the approach that deserves a dedicated guide but the essence of this strategy is very simple. The brands that create compelling and valuable content with insights into their users’ problems and the solutions will always be one step ahead.

Your blog development may be a starting point in your content strategy. This is a perfect opportunity to share valuable knowledge on the branded website, plus improve your positions in search results. A senior SEO expert from Search Schematic in New York says that search engines like Google loves great content and rank it on top for relevant search queries. Organic SEO leads are the most prospective, so get started with attracting them to your website.

2. Stay Trendy with Social Media Marketing


Social media marketing is another effective approach to promoting your business online. This is the perfect opportunity to reach out to prospective customers, stay in touch with the current ones and constantly deliver value using the mix of visual and written content. What’s more, modern users expect their favorite brands to have appealing social media strategies and even customer support service via social media.

Social media platforms are also good at driving engagement and increasing brand awareness via contests, giveaways, and surveys. They create favorable conditions for launching paid advertising carefully tailored to the specifics of the audience. Plus you may use influencer marketing which also drives high RIO when the values of an influencer match those your business stands for.

3. Make the Right Impression with Visual Marketing

The first impression your users get is always visual. That’s why using the best visual advertising techniques and practices across different marketing channels is essential. Visual marketing has a lot of advantages. For instance:

  • It makes your brand recognizable. Using branded colors and the psychology of color insights improves your brand recognition.
  • It allows for connecting to your users on an emotional level. Visual marketing allows for showing your buyers’ personas and their problems visually, using their facial expressions and body language. At the moment the users recognize themselves in the visual ad, the subconscious connection establishes.
  • Visual marketing elements are reusable. For example, you may share the elements of your visual ad on different social media platforms, in instant messengers, or via email.

4. Showcase Yourself with Video Marketing


Video marketing is on the rise, and your business shouldn’t miss such a promising promotional opportunity. With its help, you may tell your stories, explain how your product or service works, entertain your users, share your customers’ testimonials, and even attract investments. With video marketing, your creativity may have no limits, plus video is the most adorable type of content, according to modern users. For more details on how to ask for testimonials you can check what Vocal Video has to say.

P.S. Consider one more emerging trend – shoppable videos. IKEA, United Colors of Benetton, and many other leading brands are already using this approach, allowing video views to buy the item they like by clicking on it and being redirected to the product page from the video.

5. Catch Prospective Leads with Search Engine Advertising

Attracting live traffic to your website is a never-ending process. Targeted advertising can help attract not only live traffic but the users that are looking for your business right now. This approach is also called Search Engine Marketing, as it allows your paid ads to be shown in the top search results, in response to the specific request of the user.

This is quite a promising opportunity for businesses of all sizes and from any industry, since you may set up and launch such an advertising campaign that will be very carefully tailored to the specifics of your target audience, their location and demographic, search behavior, and winning keywords.

6. Employ AI-Driven Marketing for Better Decisions


Artificial intelligence is quite a versatile technology that is used by companies from different industries – from healthcare to agriculture. AI is quite promising for marketing as well since its capability to analyze huge data arrays, find out the invisible patterns, make smart predictions and come up with accurate conclusions may be used to streamline your marketing strategy, automate it and validate your marketing ideas.

Below are effective AI use cases for marketing and promotion.

  • Price prediction and optimization. AI algorithms can analyze current and historical data, take into account trends and users’ sentiments, and on this basis, suggest the best market price for a certain product or service.
  • Content personalisation. An AI-powered recommendation engine is the simplest example of content personalization in marketing and sales. Taking the users’ behavior patterns into account, it suggests the products or services the user may need.
  • Chatbots. Chatbots are good for improving customer service, and each year, they become smarter.
  • Interaction and entertainment. Leading brands, for example, IKEA and H&M use artificial intelligence in conjunction with virtual reality as a part of their marketing strategies. They offer users mobile applications allowing them to try on an outfit or find out how a piece of furniture will fit the interior.

7. Stay in Touch with Your User via Email and Instant Messengers

Email marketing is one of the best approaches to use at the top of your sales funnel. This is the best way to start the conversation with your new users since at this stage, they aren’t ready to communicate with you via social media or in instant messengers. Firstly, you should let them find out more about your business and its values, assure them you share and understand their problem, plus suggest ways to solve it.

Email marketing is suitable to stay in touch with your current customers as well. In this case, you may share special and personalized offers, and ongoingly deliver helpful and valuable content with the help of email automation tools to strengthen your relations and boost their loyalty.

As for instant messengers, this is quite an effective marketing channel as well, especially if you have a chatbot. In this case, your customers get an instant opportunity to stay in touch and interact with your brand, find the answers to their questions and communicate with your business in an auto-mode.


The list of effective marketing strategies can be continued. In this article, we have reviewed the most trendy and ROI-promising ones so start looking for ways to combine them into a holistic approach to your business promotion.