Top 8 Countries to Find a Wife

Wow. Here’s a “loaded” question, considering there are a total of 252 individual countries on this planet. And in almost all of them, there are women looking to marry foreign men for a whole host of reasons – personal and financial stability, the ability to pursue their career goals in a more “friendly” environment, a progressive husband who understands their needs for independence, the opportunity to raise children in a better environment, etc.

And their means to do this? They join a mail-order bride website or two featuring men who are from parts of the world they’d like to live in. And of course, the male members of these international dating sites are doing the same.

Most of these men are looking for a wife from a specific country or region. And when they find the one they have been looking for and marry her, they are looking forward to a wonderful life. These brides come from all over the planet, based on men’s preferences.

Given this information, how is it even possible to decide on the best countries to find a bride for marriage? Maybe it’s more a question of which is the best country for you. You can certainly read what others have to say about the top countries, but those are their opinions, not necessarily based on deep research. Let’s unpack this topic more in-depth.

Finding the Best Country for Your Mail-Order Bride


Before you even begin to get serious about looking, you need to decide what qualities you are looking for in a wife. It probably goes without saying that you want her to be beautiful. But beauty fades over time, and this is not a casual dating thing. It’s for keeps, for a lifetime. So, think about the more important qualities – values, lifestyle, education/intelligence, desire for children, and so forth. And then you can begin to look at regions and countries.

Major Regions

So, there are three major regions of the world where mail-order brides generally come from – Europe, Asia, and Latin America. And there are some general qualities that women from these areas have. This should help you narrow down your search.


Here you will find Caucasian women, but this region has to be divided between Western and Eastern Europe. The number of women in Western Europe looking for foreign husbands is not huge, so you will probably want to look at a website or two that features women from that area. Now this is a general overview, but here are the qualities you are likely to find:

  • They tend to be educated, many with college degrees and higher
  • They are strong-willed and independent and looking for a husband who values independence too
  • They want an equal partnership and want to raise strong, independent children
  • They tend to be social, and most speak English and can mingle well in social situations.

Top countries for these Slavic beauties – Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, Serbia and Czechoslovakia.


woman from Asia

One word here – exotic. And the other word? Smart.

Modern women from Asia have already adopted lots of Western cultural mores – dress and general lifestyles, including Western music and dance. And those who sign up on online mail-order websites tend not to be the traditional subservient kind.

  • They have a special beauty that is unique to the region – large oval eyes, midnight black hair, and trim, well-kept bodies.
  • In certain countries, like Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, China, and South Korea, they are educated and speak English.
  • In other countries, such as the Philippines, formal education is not common beyond high school. But they have a “common sense” skill that serves them well and allows them to be good problem-solvers.
  • They tend to have a calm and steady approach to life and its challenges.
  • They do maintain some cultural traditions, such as the importance of family.

Latin America

If you are looking for a life of action, excitement, and adventure, then this may be the region for you. Latin beauties have some qualities unique to their cultural backgrounds. Here’s what you will get.

  • They are more emotional than brides from other regions, and they express those emotions openly.
  • They have energy and enthusiasm and are willing to try anything.
  • They want children and will be nurturing mothers, but expect you to actively participate in parenting too.
  • They are social and outgoing, and can “work the room” making everyone feel comfortable and at ease.
  • Almost all speak English and many have college degrees and careers.
  • They will keep you on your toes with creative surprises and huge amounts of affection.

The most popular countries for Latin American brides are Mexico, Cuba, Venezuela, Colombia, and Brazil.

From the General to the Specific

Find a wife in the Europe

The countries and qualities in this article are very general. There is no way men can just hop on a website and quickly pick out a bride based on her photo and profile. There’s lots of conversation that has to happen before you can decide on one that meets that list of qualities you have made. And still, your task is not complete. You will have to arrange to meet your potential bride in person, make certain that you both are meant for each other, meet her family, and make plans to bring her home. There are some legalities involved, of course.

Men must also be certain that they are using a reputable platform when looking for mail-order wives. A site like Brides Universe offers expert reviews of mail-order bride websites and recommends those that have the largest numbers of potential brides, offer the best services and features, are safe and secure, and have strong customer support. In short, the work has been done for you in this regard.

Go Forth!

Finding the right country and the right wife is an individual thing. What is your top country will certainly not be someone else’s. But if you have carefully read through this article, you know where and how to start.