What Can You Do With Your Basement After Waterproofing?

Having a basement in your Birmingham home is not a bad thing as many people believe. Some think that a basement is too much of a liability because of the problems it can create around the home. However, as long as you look after the basement, it can become a valuable extra space that is an asset to your home.

Finding professionals that offer basement waterproofing, for example, can help you to keep your basement in good condition, which then enables you to protect the rest of your home from potential issues.

It is not just protection for your home that comes from getting this work carried out. It also means that you can make the most of your basement, as you can then consider converting it and using it for one of a wide range of purposes to suit your needs and preferences. You can consider all sorts of options for your basement after it has been waterproofed and other works such as electrics have been carried out. We will look at a few possible options in this article.

Some Ideas to Turn Your Basement into an Asset

There are several ways in which you can turn your basement into a real asset for your home. This is not only a great way to create more usable space in your property, but it will also enable you to add a considerable amount to the value of your home. Some of the ideas you can consider are:

1. Create a Gym

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One of the things you may want to do if you are into fitness is to turn your basement into a home gym area. This is a great way to stay in shape and boost fitness without having to go through the hassle and expense of joining a gym. You do not have to travel anywhere in order to work out other than to go down to your basement.

This also means you can save money on membership fees, which will cover the cost of equipment over time. In addition, you save yourself the time of travel and queuing for equipment, and it is something the whole family can make use of.

2. Transform into a Basement Bar

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If you like to relax with a drink in a cozy bar but you want to avoid the fuss and expense of going out all the time, a basement bar in your own home could be an ideal solution. By adding the right features and furniture, your dream of a relaxing bar can be easily achieved. Toss in a jukebox and some neon lighting, and you have your own nightclub!

When you have a basement bar, you can enjoy spending time there yourself and you can also entertain your friends and visiting family members there as well. It is an excellent idea for those who wish to enjoy the benefits of going out without actually going out.

3. Use as a Workshop

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Another option is to turn your basement into a workshop where you can enjoy doing arts and crafts, working on home DIY projects, or even do your professional work depending on what type of work you are involved in. It can also be used as a place for technical projects like repairing and servicing.

This is a great way to get on with your projects without distractions and away from the main part of the home.

4. Redesign it into a Home Theatre

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Going to the cinemas every time you want to watch a movie can be tiresome, not to mention expensive. This can be resolved by redesigning your basement into a home theatre. By doing so, you can enjoy movie nights with your family and friends without having to bother about going to the theatre. You could set up a movie projector, connect it with a device, and stream a variety of movies from streaming sites.

This set-up will also need the addition of some furniture. Turn your basement into a cozy cave by placing couches and bean bags. It can serve as a great room for entertainment, all in your own house!

5. Have your own Game Room

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If you are a fan of games, then hurrah! This is another wonderful idea to give a makeover for your basement that has been waterproofed. You can add any kind of game you want, and turn your basement into a games room. Not only will it serve as a place of entertainment, but it will also help you to bond with your loved ones.

An array of games can be featured – from board games to a PS4 station, you can include any game you want. This way, your basement can be transformed into a hub for gaming and fun activities.

6. Furnishing

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Another excellent way to add value to your basement is by adding decor to it. You can buy various types of furniture and restore it completely. By turning it into a habitable space, you can even consider the option of renting it out. If you think that it could work out, then you will have to add more features to your basement.

Installing a small bathroom and a cute kitchenette will transform your basement completely into a rentable place. Make sure that before renting it out, you will have to check the details of the person thoroughly.

7. Business Spot

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Instead of subletting it as a full-time apartment, you can also consider renting your basement to small businesses. However, this will have the disadvantage of many people visiting your basement at all hours. It could be problematic if you wish to stay private or undisturbed.

8. Renting to AirBnB

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If you feel that you will not be comfortable with a full-time tenant in your house, you can consider selling nights on AirBnB. This way, you can both make money and have your basement to yourself whenever you want. It also helps you to have your privacy without any hassle.

Summing it up

You can restyle and transform your basement into any kind of space you want. It all depends on your needs and budget. Whatever you decide to do, remember that it’s not just a hub for your pastimes, but also a valuable asset!