Winter Outdoor Sports Activities in Vail, Colorado

Vail Colorado is one of the best places you can go during the winter. If you have an opportunity to do so, you shouldn’t miss it. It is a winter paradise, and for all of you, snow lowers; it is a place that deserves your attention. While it might not be everyone’s cup of tea, at first sight, after reading this article, you could change your mind. In this article, we will show you the best winter outdoor sports activities in Vail, Colorado. There’s plenty to go around, and we are sure that you’ll find at least one of these activities appealing.

Ice Skating

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There ought to be a little ice with plenty of snow to go around, and there is. Ice skating is one of the activities most tourists that come to this place enjoy dearly. It is hard to imagine any high-end winter resort without offering this icy activity. If you are located in Lionshead, the Vail Square ice skating rink will be in the palm of your hands. It is ideal for all family members, both old and young, to enjoy this activity together. The best part is that not far away is the Dobson Ice Rink, which is more suitable for those who take this sport more professionally or even want to try out ice hockey. If you are a fan of the sport, you can even attend a match of the local semi-pro team, the Vail Yeti.


Yes, this activity is more suitable for summer, spring or fall but here you can enjoy it even during the winter. All that it takes is that there isn’t too much snow around. Some of the best tracks you’ll find are located down by the Eagle River, and everyone who tried them out had a good time. The winter biking here is exceptional, even as it demands you to use unique kinds of bikes. It is called fat biking, and the bikes you’ll get to drive are pumped-up mountain bikes. These bikes use special tires that grip the snow and make moving around in winter conditions all that much easier. If you never tried this out, it will be quite a treat as it is an experience like no other. But be aware that you’ll need extra strength to power these bikes, so if you are not in top condition, do not get angry at yourself for not going too fast. Anyway, if you get stuck somewhere, you can always contact and get yourself a different transportation type.

Horseback Riding

Another activity that people mistook for being only related to summer and spring. Oh, how wrong are you for thinking this? Horse riding in Vail is something that is done equally in both the summer and the winter. It is one of those activities that allow you to see this area’s beauty in its sincerity. There are many ranches nearby that are opened to wannabe riders during all seasons. You should only come and pick the beautiful animal you want to be your companion for the day. You really shouldn’t miss the chances of riding horses when in Colorado. After all, their NFL team is called the Denver Broncos. When in the Bronco country, pay them respect and go horse riding regardless of the season.

Snowshoe or Hike

The best way to explore the nature of a mountain is on your foot. It is all about soaking up the scenery while burning calories simultaneously by enjoying a bit of snowshoeing. Once in Vail, you can rent the equipment needed for this on any corner, and the fun can begin. Nothing beats going around in the deep snow, getting tired before a hot chocolate in front of the fireplace. The best part is that while visiting the mountains, this can be part of your daily routine. It’s not something you should dedicate one day only.

Nordic Ski

Winter is different from the summer concerning our weight. Most people get kilos during the winter and look to slim down for the summer. But, if you are one of those who do things differently, Nordic skiing is the right winter activity for you. Cross county skiing is a combination of the classic style and skate skiing, and it is perfect for burning down calories. If you are new to this form of skiing, you can get valuable lessons at Vail Nordic Center or Beaver Creek Nordic Center. They’ll take good care of both your skills and provide you with the needed equipment.


It is easy to understand if you are a person that doesn’t want too much activity during a vacation, so Nordic skiing, hiking, and biking are out of the question. But how about a snowmobile? Yes, that sounds about right. Maybe the best way to enjoy both the vacation and nature is on the back of a snowmobile. If this is your cup of tea, we can understand it, as it offers a bit more than other manual options. You can climb up to 12 thousand miles with a snowmobile and cast your view on everything beneath. It provides more versatility as it saves time and effort, and you’ll be neither tired nor be running out of time while coasting around the mountain.

Gondola Rides

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Not all winter activities in Vail need to be done in motion. You can sit back and relax inside of a gondola and enjoy the panoramic view of all of the surroundings. Don’t think that gondolas are only for skiers and snowboarders. Anyone can ride them, and it is a perfect activity if you only want to soak up the surrounding nature without moving a finger. The gondolas in Vail are an attraction by themselves. In addition to being useful, they provide fun for the entire family. Older adults and younglings who can’t partake in some of the other activities we listed enjoy the gondolas the most.